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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Something to announce soon.....


I think Lao Niang really no time to blog recently...

And I been wanting to announce something, something good to share...

But cannot yet...u all wait k

Recently been busy with modelling and event stuffs cos....

F1 is coming!!!

I been doing alot of back end work, settling the accounts, sorting out photos, meeting the girls to guide them how to work, entertain my friends and client (been drunk 4 times last week)....

PS Divas is 1 year old!!! We just celebrate our 1st anniversary with some of the girls and some erm...strangers @ Dempsey Rd, Quarubar (Beside Harry's)

Nice chill out place and I once in a while pop over for free food and drinks....(Not I dun want to pay but the boss, my friends always insist I accompany him to drink and I literally have to crawl home lor)

Things are changing, I am changing...

Getting older and more stable I should think so.

So blogging is not a very big part of my life now, so sorry to say it here.

I do wish to share more good things and to let you grow erm, old with me?

So do come back once in a while cos I do give suprises...haha

Oh, OCT is coming and it is my fav month!



Wishlist coming out

Love you, peeps

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