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Monday, July 06, 2009

New look.

I perm and dye my hair! Still getting used to it. More pictures soon!

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y yr brows like tat? u get it done in bangkok isit??
erm yeah i have to agree. the brows look strange. like two very long brown slugs over the eyes
Good girl becomes ah lian... sigh
Maybe you meant Ah Lian became good girl. But she's still Ah Lian though.
this pix must be the most unpleasant looking one among all..
pretty babe, the brows really abit.. ermmm.. do something abt them...
Your eyebrows are too thick!! Sorry but to say, its ugly.
look great
brows look abit like cockroach feelers... maybe its the camera's angle?
I think it has something to do with the cam angle...
it's not the angle lah, for goodness sake. any female with a sense of grooming will know the eyebrows just looks wrong.

men won't get it lah. but most women will understand.
wah lao eh..she just probably did the eyebrow embroidery thing..it will lighten up over time. all the snide comments for what?
Sorry to say tat but look very weird with this new style. It looks like ladyboy.
i don't even think it's about whether it will lighten lor. it's too long and too thick. lighten also will still be too long and too thick. zzz
well it looks really weird. The blog is getting pretty boring thou. Feeling of the blog becomes so SMS.
Wow.. nice!!
apple, its only ur brows that are making u look like ladyboy, other than that, im very sure ur hair is beautifully permed.

u try not to draw ur brows so near to e nose bridge, just vertically above e eye level is just nice :)
pretty gal becomes trying very hard to be pretty gal ..
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