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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Overdue Post.....

Suppose to blog this long time ago.....

Just to thanks Alvin....

And I replied him....

Thank you so much for nominating but......I not that famous now wor, will waste an entry?

I read again liao, i slap my forehead and seems sibei no confidence like that hor?



I feel better now.....


P/s: I promise to blog more...what do you guys want to see?

Dear blogger,

You have been nominated by Alvinology to join the Singapore Blog Awards, because Alvinology thinks that your blog has the x-factor.

The Singapore Blog Awards, organised by Singapore's leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, omy.sg, gives recognitions to outstanding blogs in Singapore.

The winners in the 10 main award categories will walk away with a total of more than S$ 20,000 worth of prizes and a trophy designed by famous artist, Tan Swie Hian.

Please accept the nomination by completing the registration form.

We look forward to your participation to make this event a success for the Singapore blogosphere.

The Singapore Blog Awards is sponsored by East Asia Institute of Management (EASB), United International Pictures (UIP), National Heritage Board (NHB), Koka, Asia Web Direct, Play Smart Pte Ltd and HTC.

Supporting media: Avertlets, ping.sg

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How about yr trip to South Africa?
There's got to be more about that trip besides the smoking room at Dubai Airport...
I 2nd that South Africa trip vote! It's way overdue! haha
no more shows??? some interesting stories bt ur SA trip
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