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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ai blog boh post, mai blog got post....

Dun want to blog but got things to blog leh..

Just a photo to show me having some gossip chats with the girls today.

Up and coming new models. So young and TALL!

1.72m, I feel so short standing next to them.....

I always wish I was taller but never mind, god is fair. Give me quite a poportionate figure. I happy liao.

And hanging out with the new friends always make me learn new things.


I learn a new word

"Bitch fit"

Is that the "in" thing now young girls say? Is it Lao Niang so lao and sua ku huh?

I went up to search the net.

Source from:The Online Slang Dictionary

Meaning - "To throw a temper tantrum; to act in a loud, wild, or aggressive manner due to an upsetting situation"

You can say: "Don't throw a bitch fit on me just because i broke your lamp." or "I told him i wanted to break up, and he threw a bitch fit!"

Anyway, great to know these 3 cute little girls! We all share some common interest so I do click with them! (To me, u all are cute cos I am OLDER! )

Opps forgot: Left is: Titaleo Weiling , Me , June and Lynn



Blog more leh...u can just leave out those things which u dunt wish to talk abt. Btw, your figure is MORE than proportionate...u got no idea how much of your male readers (me included) wishes for their females partners to have your figure...
So hence POST MORE PICS :P We love them!!!
You look lovely as usual! :)
why dont u go and get a life... BITCH
Wah seh! Lim Peh come here first time like your blog very very liao! Camping her liao! :D
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