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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Smooth Soft Hair?

I dunno whether it will work for you....

I been having long hair very very long liao and I quite proud of it, won alot of compliments so mai siao siao.

I Seldom rebond.....

Go saloon once every 2 years....

Dont dye my hair....

Seldom use hair dryer...

I wash my hair everyday, it is easy to get dirty with such long hair.

Unless I decide to watch TV whole day and stay at home, i rinse it with water only.

I use "Sunsilk" (why they never ask me to become their hair ambassadors?) hair shampoo and hair conditioner everyday. The pink colour bottle one, I find it make my hair damn soft.

I use "Head and Shoulder" once a week because I find that hair shampoo that makes your hair soft also makes them oily and will itch and the "Head & Shoulder" will sort of balance it. Then I will use a Sunsilk conditioner.

Recently find that the "Herbal Essence" the "dangerously straight" is damn good but also not very cheap cos my hair very long, use product very fast. But if you want your hair to be straight, use the conditioner is good enough. I sometimes will use it also.

Got a sample of the "Pantene 3 min miracle hair mask" and it REALLY soften your hair wor, one of my models also said it tame her hair! But then hor, 5 tubes near to $10 liao so I wait if got sample then I use.

Usually after washing my hair, I wrap it with a towel for 20mins, no secret but I dun like the hair dripping when I do my make up but maybe it helps? You can try though...

After 20mins or more, I'll let my hair dry naturally.

If you want your hair to be smooth, straight, can try:
Sunsilk Hair Shampoo (Pink one)
Herbal essence dangerously straight conditioner
Pantene 3 mins miracle hair mask

But dont do this often cos I think it will spoil your hair.

I hope I share my routine well.



doesn't sunsilk make you have oily scalp?
i watched those health show n they said that blowing hair is bad for hair. Let yr hair dry naturally is the best option. So i guess this is also one of the reason u have so soft hair. plus yr genes, and also u rarely dye yr hair or highlight it
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