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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy CNY!!!

First of all,


Hope everyone huat huat, heng heng, healthy healthy and happy happy!

I still have problem typing cos of my nails so this post I will try to cut short lor..

This year was more like a reunion for my family.

Realise this year kinda short hor?

We didnt go out much but the Lim Family happily played Mj together and Xiaomei is beginning to learn as well.

Next time when Lim Sisters got married, can have 2 tables to play.

I went crazy and rush out to buy Nintendo Wii on Chu Yi at midnight.

Only place is Mustafa.

Got the whole set at $735 with extra consoles.

I am suprised by the salesperson who really know the product very well.

Mai Siao siao.

We were pretty addicted to the tennis game, quite shoik lor

I think every family should get one.

Helps to exercise and also got family bonding!

I was sweating after a game of tennis and the boxing game make us seems rather like a lunatic.

I try take a video next time of us playing the boxing game.

Mrs Lim (mummy) was really good at the boxing game wor, Mr Lim (daddy) was beat badly by her.

Even Lao Niang lose to her......

I had rest enough, will be going to work soon!

Have a good week ya!

Phots of me on Day 1!

Bought my green dress in BKK!

My Zilian illness suddenly relapse.

Think left profile looks nicer....this side not so nice, can see my nose clearly.

Happy Girl!



What does your wii package include?
reading thru your blog,

you look so different few years back.

hair extension,fake eyelashes, coloured contact lens, silicon bust, i must say that you really din't like yourself at the first place..

No wonder people who have not seen you for awhile would have ask you, if you have done surgery jobs!!!

A person can only slim down or put on weight in the years... But you look completely different!

yes, i think you should just go and do your nose job to complete it, and cheekbone abit too big for ur face, and i think you are too short. (less than 1.6m) looking at the pictures with all the girls in one of the wedding, you are the shortest if you realised it.

Maybe after all these jobs, you are eligible to go audition for ch8 acting. i think act those character that needs you to utter "lao niang here lao niang there"

But let me end it off nicely, you have clearly displayed the old chinese saying of there is no ugly women, only lazy women..
eh the anonymous 2,

you don't need to worry for her lah.. kpo.. she ugly or lazy aso never mind...she back with her bf liao, MR NG, and i heard MR NG is a stock broker leh.. very RICH one..make alot of money, can afford to let her do the surgery and live as tai-tai..you got read properly or not??

i think she choose to be promoter or do shows for fun only lah..you think for a living meh?
i saw ur pix with Mr Ng.. congrats u r back wif him liao...
Anonymous 7:05am,

why are u making personal attacks?
its her perogative to look the way she wants
why dont you let us see your pic and maybe we can make some judegement too?

and since u like to make negative comments why dont you show some guts and put your real name down?
at least Apple has more guts than you not to hide behind a pseudonym

Apple: you look great and i love ur attitude: "Love me for who i am or fuck off"

keep going gal, we love you :)
Anonymous 8:15am,

your interpretation of my comment is definitely not what i was trying to imply.

1.it doesnt matter if i keep my identity anonymous.. if i would use a real name, would you believe?

2.I was just giving my personal comment but if u like to see it as a personal attack to apple, i will not try to change your view.Because i respect your personal view. It's only in your mind that you think i am giving negative comments.

3.i said she looked different, i didn't say that she look ugly..

4.please scrutinize my comment again and tell me which paragraph is being negative? whatever i said was an abstract of either her blog or public comments in her blog or a factual thing that was given in her blog.

5. given her as a subject, its not too difficult to give negative comments judging from the previous comments in her blog.

6.as it was before in her previous blog comments, there will be people who love her and stand for her, but there will be those who have a different view and like to air it here. If she only likes to hear one-sided story, she is most welcome to close off the posting of comments and as such, we can only hear her voice. That will solve your problem, anonymous 8:15am. I for sure do not have any problem if i see any negative or positive comment. Does this make you coming personal to me?

Lastly, if i have no guts as what you said, you would not be reading this at all. Name is just a name which you give it an identity. Name is not guts.

And for your mind to interpret my comment as negative, it only makes me wonder if your mind and your comment do sync at all?

anonymous 7:05am
well said, anonymous 7:05am
Anonymous 5:14am

If you meant for readers to take your points seriously, please leave a name and email address. If not i see your comments as pretty frivolous

If i have mistakenly interpreted your comments as destructive, then i may need some english lessons.I may not have the best english standard, but i am a frequent contributor to the ST.

You have a blog/facebook that you wanna share? Let the readers decide

A personal question, please dont feel obliged to reply, may i know if you have any hobbies other than slamming people behind a pseudonym?

Annonymous K
I prefer you with the more natural look a few years back, less make up, a less harsher look. You looked fresher back then =)

i think you should just don't try to zi lian with those poses. You look horrendous trying to thin your lips. Just be natural and smile like how you smile for your clients at those events. MUCH better that way
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