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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy CNY soon!

Aiyo, Lao Niang realise I damn long no blog and no upload photos liao....

U all sian me right?

I been busy with alot of things but long story to tell leh.....

Anyway the happiest time 0f the year for Single people!

Can get Ang bao!!!!!!!!!!!


I love Angbao and I force everyone who give me angbao must wish me pretty forever! Haha

Anyway, hope you people be healthy and happy every year k! That is the most important thing in life!

Lovely ph0tos!

First event of 2009! Moulin Rouge! Judy, Candy, Me and Jo!

Me and Judy!

Long time never dress in costume liao.....

Changed to another set for next segment!

Me! I goanna print out this photo!!

I so chio! hhaha!

Caught a candid shot of judy in the toilet, she damn shocked haha

If u look closely......I do nose sure look nicer.....

My face somehow slim down......

See see see my nose!!!!!!!!!!!

Did my nails and I had a hard time typing this post..... I do it damn s-l-o-w

We take photos everywhere.....

I love myself alot!

Have a good 2009!!!!!!!!!!



dun do nose la..no need. ur nose is very tall and slim and fits ur face perfectly.anyone comments bad stuff abt ur face shld be shot lo...
dun do it la...pls la..
mine is a flat no bridge button nose and i also no fix it..$$ tsk tsk.
btw, read ur entry about starting own company and working hard towards goals, i admire you for that. happy new year yah.

*silent lady reader
It is interested very much.
Please link to this site.
although i love reading ur blog, i still have to say that u have a ugly face with a great body. i dun agree that after you do your nose will add any value to your appearance
face 2 out of 10 points
body 8 out of 10 points
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