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Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome to 2009~

KNS......I think and think and think hor....

I dunno I got do an ending post for 2007 or not....

Anyway, my problem is pretty stabled but maybe not much time to blog though.....

Let's see what we have in 2008 for Lao Niang....

2008 was a year where everything seems bad for me but I still manage to overcome the shits and laugh it off.

I was not doing well at my old job, for the first half year, I was very stressed up with my job and I end up "wandering" aimlessly searching for what I want to do.

Though I was rather unhappy doing real estate, I was proud to set up my first company, providing house-keeping service to my clients with my real estate colleagues.

"Pitstop Cleaning" started out slow, from no full-time staffs, little equipments, no proper system, we had acquired our own van, our own full time workers, a new business development manager and the customer database is building up.

Still remembered when we first started out, we had to do the own cleaning (I wore my super hot shorts and cap in Sentosa Cove's bungalow scrubbing the windows like mad) , we started everything from scratch. From little thing like buying a window scraper to solving bigger issues, we face different challenges everyday and we manage to overcome them.

Apart from a normal job, doing events was something that I had enjoyed the most, though from June onwards, I cut down doing lots of shows due to my new job commitment but my next company, "PS Divas" were set up.

Actually, nothing changed, I was still doing was I was doing. Just that having a company name make it more formal.

I am a very service orientated person, so the ideas I always have are ways to provide better service to my clients.

I am thankful to my partners who had been very helpful and understanding towards my "normal" job, we all understand that we need funds to keep the company running so each and everyone had our "normal" jobs so we can keep the company going.

I contemplate sibei long on whether I should mention on the things I do (later people say I haolian) but I thought I would like to share with you on the services that I provided and hopefully one day, you can be my client too!

Also to share with you is that I am always learning to be contented and being able to do what you enjoyed most is probably something that one could wish for.

As for my friends, I am very glad to have alot of people around me who is very willing to lend a helping hand when I was down.

I am not a good friend. I always neglected my friends but I make a promise that whenever any of my friends need help, I will try my very best to be there.

I love my family alot and recently a big major challenging problem crop up and the Lim Family face the worst problem in our life.

But I guess, looking it in another way, we are glad that this issue brought us closer and tightly knitted.

All in all, I came to realise that life is so fragile.

I will thank whoever the person is up there that I am soooooo glad that I wake up alive every morning.

I guess nothing really matters too much when you realise the meaning of "why are you in this world".

Also thanks to all the readers who accompanied me throughout 2008, may you have a good 2009!


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glad you are back :D
Happy happy new yr~
WElcome back! miss reading your post!
Happy New Year.
Welcome Back...
Good to see you're blogging again. Was nice meeting you at Oosh. See you next time!
I miss you...

pls refer to http://pinkaliciously.blogspot.com on the post on 14 Oct 2008.

good to see u back! Happy New year 2009!! :D

happy new year!
pitstop cleaning?! that means u noe edward from hsr too! lucks in ur business:)
glad to see u blogging again!!!!:)
love u

Gd luck in your insurance biz too
muacksss..... glad to see u!
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