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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To all....

I wont be blogging within the next few days, weeks or even months....

Not that I am bother by people who seems to care for me yet post nasty things in my comments...

If u really do care and seriously want to help me rather to judge me from my blog, you can sincerely email me.

I do not like to blog about unhappy things here.

My blog is to make people relax and to enjoy the part of my life where I am happy.

I am going to stop blogging because I will be facing a long tough road.

Will be spending alot of time in the hospital and I dun think I have the time to entertain you now...

I am very sorry and I sincerely apologize for not being able to be consistent now.

If you really care, email address is on the sidebar.

p/s: I never hope or expect anything or any material in return, and now I just hope you can do me a small favour and pray everything will be alright and my blog had make your day for the past 4 years....

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Hi, have been reading your blog on-off for quite awhile. Just ignore the bo liao anonymous ppl, all of them are so preachy. Anyway, all the best & take care, hope to see you blog again soon once you're well!
Dear apple,
life ain't a bed of rose.But bear in mind that there are tons of ppl out there who like u alot, who willing to lent u their shoulder when you need them, who willing to listen to you...

Be strong when u walk on the tough path.
God bless!!!
Don't bother about those boh liao people and their comments.
They are a lot of people support you.
Take care.
been a quiet observer/reader here for a while now. Enjoy your adventures and, what ever it is, this is an entertaining blog.

Keep it going...

How come must go hospital so frequent????
i am a silent reader of your blog, been following it for more than 2 years and this is my 1st comment for you.

yea i agreed with you, if those anonymous really care for you, like that they claimed in the comments, they should do it in more appropriate way. (like what you said, email you?)or probably they do not know what is the meaning of 'respect'. you live the life you want, they are nobody to teach you what to do. ignore them. :)

i don't know what happened to you, but i will keep you in my prayer.

with love,
apple... take care and god bless.
Stop turning the tables around and expect people to sympathize with you by writing such a post lah...
everything will fine in the end..things wun turn out as bad as u think....
Nvm, we ur true friends will noe wat kind of person u r. put all ur concentrations on ur career and achieve our goals. :) and u made me carry a stupid camera ard.haha...
Well what I can say is.. if this is a public blog, you cant stop anyone from throwing nasty comments at you. If you are sharing your life and adventures, do it, if you are bothered by comments, I would suggest you just have to keep a paper diary. Remember, a knife cuts both ways, likewise for comments, good ones are there, bad ones too.
Maybe she is dying bah.....sad hor
I realised those ppl are really out for nothing... if they really can't tahan her "sort of lifestyle", then forget it and stop reading this blog. Since you are so kpo, and "enjoy" reading the blog, just keep your mouth shut. If not, don't ever go into this blog.
I have been reading this blog for coming 2 yrs, I have been enjoying reading it, even though I might think she is a bit flirt as and when, at least, I am enjoying it silently.
Just one simple comment : Cannot tahan or can't accept it, don't log in and read. If not, JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT don't talk nonsense. You have my full support, Apple... Take Good Care of yourself.
aiya... you all talk so much, she also chicken out from here aledi.. wats there to talk?

why are we talking among ourselves when the blogger dun bother about us?

let's move on lah.. wait till she see no comment, she sian, i sian, you sian, then we will find another apple to replace her. then she no longer popular liao lor..

she is not fit to be a blogger lah..she chose be a blogger, then now want to quiet quiet one side.. a true blogger not like tat one.(famous actress kena slam in newspaper also got to smile to the camera)

name another one, we read other people's blog..then she got no readership then she happy, we happy elsewhere too..

she want peace we give her peace lor. she want to hear good things we tell her good things lor..

all i can say is apple, you got to face to the music lor.. you chose this path urself, halfway quit hor, you have to handle it too. people see you on the road, surface will ask you what happen? deep inside, u tell me what they will think of u?

u ended here being a defeated blogger becoz ur fans overtook ur blog.

meanwhile can someone suggest who is another blogger we can read since apple dun want to blog anymore? people is sick liao lah. dun tekan anymore.. give her Peace..
The part about the hospital is below the belt. Is it meant to gain sympathy? Since you chose to leave it for us to guess. Who knows, the hospital bit might not even be about yourself.

If you don't want to blog then just stop. It's just nonsense to post those crap & hopes everyone will feel guilty & beg you to come back.
just shut down yur blog lah, loser
opps.. it's heated up

apple, ur reputation is tarnished...

from an apple pie to an apple crumble...
Hi, apple been readin ur blog for abt 1 - 2 yrs, love ur frankness, dun bother abt wad ppl sae, in dis world, every lil thing ppl does, dere is someone bound to comment .. so juz live ur life happily & i wish dat u will be healthy alwaes =) smile alwaes!
Well ...

A sword has both edges sharp ... Look at the amount of hits on your blog ... There sure has to be some who are jealous ... who are irritated ... who ain't your supporters but that is what you get for the amount of hits on your blog.

I have a blog too and have been blogging for 3 years already ... I get less than 10 hits a week ... I don't get malicious people hitting at me for absolutely no reasons ... Then again, I am not somebody who is as widely recognized as you are ...

So, apple ... it comes with a price ... What I wanna say is that ... this is your blog ... You are being you ... If they ain't happy with what you are doing, let them be ... you can never please everybody in this world ... If you are having a blog just to please people then don't blog about real stuff ... Blog about what people want to read instead ...

But did you create this blog to please them or to write about yourself and what you feel ?

Why bother what others say or think ? I made my hair pink colour so ? Its my hair ... I do whatever I like with it ... They ain't happy, they can report to the authorities about me colouring my hair pink ... I want to see what has the authorities gotta say about my pink hair ...

This is your blog ... Do what you want with it ... They ain't happy, report police loh ...

Ai jiu tuck , mai jiu sua ... Buay song, poh mata lah. <<< Cut and paste this sentence to them, ya? =)

Last but not least, I will always be your loyal supporter though I might sometimes fade in and out of your blog ... keke!~

I will try to correct that, I think ... Nevertheless, I hope I can get something on your wishlist for you. =)
U guys are all a bunch of nonsense.
You ALL dunno Apple. So stop wasting energy flaming her. I dare say she's a fucking good friend(at least to me)And No pun intended. If you guys are judging people if you all dunno them. FINE. But be happy screwing people in yr own space. And not other people's space. You guys are what...anonymous? PLEASE. We all went thru these shit few yrs back. And already decided that u guys are losers flaming people in their blogs.. *Yawns* Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and how they choose to live their lives. It's really NONE OF YR F**king biz. And friends who are really friends..wun judge you for all that matter.It's just acceptance. Oh well, some people just dun get it. Sometimes I dun either..But. I love apple, and she's my best friend..to me...So....F.O losers..
chinese go back to china please, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!!
To those who left nasty comments relating to the "hospital" issue under anonymous(s)..

It's really inhuman and childish. No matter to what/who the "hospital" is related to; treat yourself kinder, think of yourself and your love ones before making such comments. What goes around, comes around.

Blog-reading are meant for leisure reading, if you dislike the way how one dresses, writes, thinks.. EXIT is just a click away.

It's a common among FRIENDS to have a wishlist during the festive season. It just that Apple's a popular blog with her wishlist; NON-acquaintances reading may feel she's materialistic for such requests. May i ask if You(non-acquaintance) will be buying any of the gifts? If not, why leave unappreciated comments?

Why cant Apple stop blogging? Is any individual here paying her to blog? Its her freedom and blog at leisure...

Random reader, Sam
dun bother much bout those spammers.life is short and this is only hw much u can do for others.u blog bout ur life if others aint happy they cant simply not read ya blog.is either they love u or they hate u.if they cant love u they bring u dwn.so why allow such ppl to bring u dwn?u must be happy for yourself n not others.n u ve been a great blogger.and seriously,apple blog for herself and her friends.not for bo liao ppl to read her blog n comment.stupid ppl does stupid things and since so free why not jsut go do some good deed for ur next gen?
i enjoy reading your blog. hope you will be ok. take care.
maybe she kena VD need go hospital more often..
take care!
oh she is finally dying.. what a early christmas gift for all. Salute the guys who got to fuck her and mess her life. I wish i was one of them.
Hi Apple,
Dunno if u remember me, im jess, june's friend, join a dance class with u for a short period of time at River valley a few years back. Surprise to came across ur blog a few months back, but i like it and have been a regular reader ever since.

Ignore Anonymous,coz obviously he is the ONLY one that is flaming u.There are no anonymous people, just one sour grape. He is probably a loser couldn't get ur number.
oh great... she got all the attention she wants now... pui!
To be frank i met Apple before RL as aquaintance and shes a sweet lady RL whether its to guy or gal. She even mentioned me & my name in her blog, which i discovered subsequently! (i m a lady btw)

I think she has no fake pretences, unlike those few (or maybe the same anonymous person double posting) who post nasty comments here, using 'anonymous" who DONT DARE TO SAY TO PEOPLE FACE to face, but prefer to read others blogging their life then type lame comments...

Well if anyone prefer to read those others kinda fake pretentious blogs with only pretty pictures & all about the blogger having a rich, happy, ideal perfect life instead, then its better that he/she go ahead & stick to those! :)
recently i saw her with MR NG when i thought she is with another guy CASH...

with such impression that she gave, tell me who dun think otherwise of her???

ya of coz its none of my biz... neither its any of us. but she is a blogger and her life is not private anymore.

so please apple, behave urself in public if you dun wish to be shamed anymore...you are jus heading toward "tammy no.2"

do something to your life..

goodness, wat's wrong with all these trolls? They are as ugly inside as they are on the outside, i suppose. Apple, please ignore all these people. I've been following your blog, and really enjoy it. I think you are an honest lady who speaks/blogs with candour, unlike many others. Please don't stop blogging because of all these spastic idiotic anon(s). Remember, you do have real friends and fans!

All those with evil thoughts and comments will have their comeuppance one day.

Happy Holidays and do take care of yourself.
I am one of the evil anon.

Read the other side of the story.. before you conclude anything.


whoever did follow religiously, will know that there is an impt episode that has been deleted in both blogs which will help to explain the depth.

A capricorn vs a libra

Who do you side? It will be lopped sided.

Evil anonymous
Dear Apple,

I am your reader for like years but i do fade in and out at times.
Do not take heart of what others think of you or say about you.Some ppl are just attention whores.We cant please everyone do we?And we do not have friends all over the world.There are bound to be ppl whom doesnt like ppl.And tats life.You just take care and ignore them.Cheers.
hi Evil anonymous,
can shed some light? i read http://pinkaliciously.blogspot.com/
and i see no link to this issue
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