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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chirstmas Wishlist!

I got friends asking me what I want for christmas this year....

I dun really intend to celebrate and this year is not a good year for me, and I dunno whether I can afford anything to exchange any presents with my friends....

So sad....

Lao Niang intend to hide during christmas period actually....was planning to go for a trip but nobody sponsor me....


I need to go for a trip soon though...


More for work though...

Going to shop for costume and uniforms for my clients...

3 days 2 night

So please bear with me...

I am applying leave from 14th Dec to 16th Dec from blogging

I goanna pull my luggage to Zoukout on the 13th then take the 8am flight to Bangkok....

Anyway, just in case....

I hate to receive presents which I have no use for and I will really be very upset with myself for not be able to use the things that people gave me.

(2 years ago, Ah Ju got me a bracelet for christmas present, I dun wear bracelet so.....the bracelet is still in the box. Opened it once only.....)

I not those people who go for branded and expensive stuffs so anything that is good and price reasonable eh sai liao.....

Christmas Wishlist!
(I just hope to accumulate all the stuffs that was lost in my bag)
- Casio Exlim Z250 digital camera
- PDA (was thinking of getting Asus/Palm)
- Namecard holder (best is can put 3 different type of namecards)
- Nice Black hand carry bag
- $198 Starhub Voucher (to replace my lost mobile modem and starhub only willing to give me $100, that stupid tiny thing cost $298!!!!!)
- Facial Vouchers (I badly need a relaxing facial now)
- New Sony Ericsson Handphone

I going to sleep now.....just came back from a job, doing warm up and playing games with the army boys...

Got meeting later...

Take Care


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You sure you not those people who go for branded or expensive stuffs? dont lie lah....... materialistic bitch!
First X'mas wish list granted.

Genie Jinx

Genie too long inside bottle hence bad grammer.

First Item on X'mas Wish List Granted.

Jinx the Genie
You have contradicted yourself by listing down a list of things that costs hundreds of dollars each. How can you convince people that you're not someone who don't go for branded and expensive stuff? You're just making people laugh their heads off at you!

Stop putting on a fake front cos you have obviously revealed yourself as a money-grubber/free-loader.

Get the things you wish for with the money you earn with your own pair of hands (or any other parts of your body), not through other people's hard-earn money!
you are so materialistic. work hard and buy with your own money. be a woman.
i think i saw u dating with a man holding his hand...he is quite fat though........hmmmmm
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cheers =D
Maybe the few hundreds r not consider branded...
A few thousnd then is consider branded stuffs ba..
she dating a fat guy? but i saw her with mr ng last weekend
her love life seem so complicated... always going out with different guys... request gifts from them... gosh... what a bitch!
look at the way she dresses you know she can get her gifts easily lah..
duno how she can spend till in debt of $8k+..spendthrift and materialistic.
maybe u have to learn something about xmas in the first place....

xmas is about giving not asking and receiving..

sigh, there is only one type of people exist in the world tat will list out their xmas wishlist.... Children..

please dun behave like kids.. you are already 26? why are you still asking people to give you this and that? and for heaven sake, if you really want, then ask them personally.. by putting on your blog, you are asking for attention only.. which, yes, you got it.
Hey Gal, Ignore these people, they r nutcase. low-esteem people who seeks entertainment out of bashing people in their blog. delete their comments, seein them is sickening.
Superficial people who judge anyhow.
i think she's being practical... rather list out items she needs than some realie non-essential stuff.. read some other materialistic bitches blog..and they blabbled on their Chanel and YSL!

And besides she's obviously popular with her groups of friends.. so it wont cost a lot if everyone chipped in a certain percentage...
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