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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine!!

Due to some personal problem, Lao Niang unable to blog often.

Mei Liang Xing de wo only remembered when readers shoot letter to verypoisonouslady@hotmail.com and KPKB gentle remind me...

Anyway I passed my first exam! Left one more to go nia....

So, how was your valentine?

Eh...... very sensitive question hor?

No need to reply me, ah boh I bo dai bo ji kena flame again....

Oh because of my personal problem, I was unable to go BKK this time round.

I was a bit disappointed but then sometimes, some things are more important. Anyway, I just went only so not too bad though.

Photos time, got show tomorrow, going to sleep liao.

Me, driving to office.

Suddenly got mood lor, bun my hair, white shirt with black vest and black pants.

Dont say I siao or I slap you. You know after I lost my bag, all the things I buy cheap ones hor, scared lost again. But cos look so plain, i decided to brighten up. EH, as I type this then i realise if lost again lagi kisiao.....

Received a hand delivery flower from someone on valentine! Though I prefer just one kind of flower in one boquet cos too many kinds seems 3 xin 2 yi but the fur fur thing really nice lor!!

Just so match my white dress! Wooohooooo. And the present I received was priceless!!! Pratical, useful, thoughtful, sweet, romantic, pretty, surprising and funny! Can you guess what is it?

Went for Japanese BBQ!

Celebrate the night with my lovely gfs! Me, Judy, Yan, Kelly, Stella, Zeta, Karen!

Drink, drank, Drunk!

Went home only at 4am, what a lovely Valentine this year!



u went for breasts implants?

The operation that u underwent?
looks like it to me too, u did your nose already?
ur flowers the same as miko????
seriously, you are fugly. Really fugly.
Peiduan, i think u look better in the past. Plain but at least its natural.
Ignore them, you have a choice to do whatever to yourself! Your nails are pretty, where did you get them done? :)
Ignore these ppl... You carry on blogging.

I'm your Angmoh admirer.

*Hakuna Matata!*
ur chinese name is peiduan?
aiya dun worry, next time when she grow older, her "things" will get complicated...

and then moreover her MR NG like mah, why u all so jealous one...

u got see her jan's blog or not, she got hint that she getting married end of the year leh.. must be MR NG lor.. so why u all so bothered?

if u are a man, i am sorry u cant f*** her liao. MR NG take her liao...

if u are a woman, u can also go and implant and do this do tat, dun need to be jealous.. jus find a rich MR NG to pay this and that for u can liao, understand?
what your bra cup size?
where e Jap BBQ located?
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