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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Lao Niang didnt really wanna blog cos I got no time...

I havent sleep for 1 day the previous night and yday only 3 hours so I am very very bery tired...

I think you all have some enjoyable moment in my comments page hor, anyway, relac relac oki.

It is sometime good to comment, state your point or whatever you call it but I hope all that is harmless and dun spoil the mood hor.

I pretty chilled when it come to these kind of stuffs, and i seriously think that alot of things are not very important if you are enlightened somehow......

Just try to feel relax when you visit this page, alright.

Sorry I cannot blog much cos I got tons of things to do and I do appreciate emails coming in, is better to keep in touch through emails cos i know alot of people "watch" me grow up here and I sincerely hope I can remember who you are more clearly.

Anyway to the anonymoussssss, I think hor for those put anoymous, easier to put a initial or something right? People wanna reply also easier.

Anyway I think my brain cells are alot dead liao so I dun even bother to read through what i wrote.

Quick random update:

-Going for exams soon so will be busy studying in Feb and Mar.

-I had cleared all the debts already so pls do not be worried. Me and Erjie are getting very well. We are blooded sisters so nothing can tear us apart.

- Going into planning how to expand my businesses and getting in focus so I guess more time taken up.

- Going to Bangkok again from 25 Feb to 2 Mar, this time really more shopping!

- Going to South Africa in May!

- Bangkok again in July to stock up more stuffs!

- Hopefully can go Vietnam or Taipei in Dec.

I know this year is a travel year for me and this year is a good year for me!

That's about it.



south africa! i wanna go!! bring meeee~

haha yea i'm one of those quietly watch you grow up one... maybe you can remember me, or maybe not? me and my friend were "stalking" you in devils bar many years back... we wished you happy birthday on your birthday b4~ you commented in my old blog b4 too... it's no longer in use. how time flies~ and wah i really miss devils bar a lot leh!

have a good year babe~ =)
Wah u realli veri gd life leh!!! guess ur bkk, south africa trips all sponsored one rite?!?!? By Mr Ng izzit??? So fortunate lor.
ehhhh your love life is really very complicated leh...

you said break up with mr ng, how sad how sad, then ...

I saw your pictures with cash tan french kissing on ur birthday... (pictures deleted liao)not the only occasion kissing...

then i also saw Mr Ng hold hands with a girl few months back...

then now you both back again..

like that also can ah.. so its not a third party thing.. its a six party lah.. wow!! so envy...
ya ya... do u really like / love that MR NG? Or does he really like / love you??? Looks like the two of you just merely looking for companion only. You not young liao, this year 27 liao leh.
some people just like spending their $$$ on plastic dolls...
Found your blog randomly thru a forum. I laughed just within sec after I read this post, its magical. Thanks for brighten up my afternoon!
You should blog more often!

From an Angmoh admirer!
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