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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Painter.......Definitely Not....


Met up with my ex colleague, Issac just now for coffee and he said I havent been blogging much.

Chatted only for 2 hours (Guess his attention span just went dead, I could talk non-stop) we met but it was enough to update our recent stuffs.

Anyway, I did something which I thought is damn easy but I gave up after 30mins.

I am doing spring cleaning for my room, need to reorganize my room. Always felt that after arrange here and there, my life will also be more "neat"

I had been cleaning for 2 days and 2 nights, in between meals and some tv I admitted.

I decided to make my room more of red and black theme.

Tried to paint or spray anything into black colour....

An attempt to turn my beige wood mirror into black frame.

I started to nicely niam costape scotch tape around the sides to prevent any paint smudging onto the mirror.

Then I reckon that it will scared the hell out of myself if I were to leave the long mirror at the corridor......

I decided to niam papers to cover it....

P/s: U can find the "mentioned" mirror in the photos below if you look carefully.

Then I carry it outside to my corridor.....

I started to use a black spray can to psssss the frame.......

Big mistake....

I realise the material cannot ziak the colour, then I spray and spray and spray.....the colour just wont eat into the frame.....

Nah bey.....

I went to the tool box and decided to dig out my paint brush and also a small small can of black paint (i bought 3 months ago) , lao niang change pattern, decided to waste some more time to paint it nicely...

Good, I wasted all the time.

The paint also cannot ziak into the frame, making it looked worst than before.

I walked into the house, announced to my family member that I decided to buy black paper and cover it after it dries up.

I will not paint anything wood again.

Anyway everytime I clean my room, i must post photo so I can remember the changes.

I decided to design my plain wall with these......My creativity in art not bad though but painting suxs....I bought this from Ikea @ $19 only. But u got to figure how you going to arrange the design lar. Dun copy hor.....

My newly arranged room..... More spacious now.....The boring white wall which I hate but I dun dare to paint.....

I decided to bring out my 75 pairs of shoes instead of hiding them....(that's the mirror)

I diy the storage space all by myself, bought from IKEA also, damn cheap and lots of drawers to put my clothes....

That black desk is actually 2 book shelves kiap together, I bought it damn cheap also. Still remembered is with Noelle, she also crazy with me to help push the heavy things. At the side got a plank of wood which I bought for $8 and decided to add 2 "legs" for the support, the legs cost more than the wood though....=(

My belts......never count.....but maybe got 40?

Went for lunch just now at Liang court.....

I love.......cesaer salad....(Anyone got recipe????) The salad dressing cannot be buy one is it, I cannot find leh.....

Meeting Karen Tok for dinner.....(if she can wake up from her nap)




Good attempet to DIY...
Good try...
btw how much do you spend per month to maintain yr lifestyle. No wonder mr ng left..
Here's several takes on Caesar Salad

sweetie... where did you get the clear shoeboxes from? i've been looking for them so that i can organize my shoe closet too!
I bought at value shop, those $2 one...not sure still have or not...
thanks! i will try to check them out. i just counted the number of clear boxes you have... do you realize that that's almost $100 worth of boxes...!
mr ng still with her lah.. u got follow the blog or not.. she said maybe got chance to get married end of the year leh....

mr ng work as a broker leh. so ah very rich one leh.... if i m apple, i wun let him go one lah..
Too much shoes for a person with only two legs! Doesn't your room smell of your shoes after a while?

Or you use strong perfume to cover up the shoe smell?

the other anonymous is sick! must be jealous cos you and mr ng duno how loving... i saw u tat day at ps looking very happy. stay blessed and CHIO! =)
ceaser salad dressing can be bought. I just bought some from giant vivo city. Should be avaliable at the better more atas supermarkets such as jasons and such.
You should blog more often you know.. always interested to read your posts. Best wishes from UK.
You should blog more often you know.. always interested to read your posts. Best wishes from UK.
jus to let u know.
its not very good to stacks shoes up so high.
cannot be taller than u.
not sure why but thats what my mum tells me.
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