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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oooooo Boh Blog Again....

I wonder how many people left me...

Lao Niang truly sorry, I been busy (always the same)

Also the reason cos I very "pai kuan", dun want to use my laptop to blog.....

I think my desktop very old le, cannot plug in my hardisk leh, hopefully my birthday got a new desptop! *hint hint* haha

But never mind, I just got a new phone and the new phone can be use for blogging so not so bad afterall....

A quick update....

After we did a back to school theme in April, we did a Masquerade Party Last month @ Chimes

13th June is a "Blackout" party, if you are interested, come join us! Dress in black!

I also did SuperHero Harry's Bus party Tour last sat...

We had Catwoman (me), Supergirl, Spidergirl, Batgirl, PoisonIvy and Wonderwoman but photos not received yet

Next one is "Blackout", then I also have a private party for Police & Thief night!

Golf event in July too! And I might be flying off to Bangkok for Shopping!!!

F1 in Sep so I am very busy with the sourcing of costumes and models!

I like doing theme parties, it was really fun! Everyone get to dress up and I really hope to own a costume-rental shop in future!

http://psdivas.sg is almost up! Thanks to my web designer who gave me a very good job and a good price. Let me know if you interested, I recommend k!

That's about all!

Love you peeps! Thanks for coming everyday to check my update...

So paiseh....


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Don't worry! Your fans will never leave you LOL!
Your new harddisk could be SATA whereas your old HD is ATA, should not be a problem getting a converter or getting the shop to change it for it.
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