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Monday, June 08, 2009

In da cab

Car send for servicing, there 2 days Lao Niang need to take cab. Cab very expensive recently and i not stay very near town lor. I think people stay far far buy car more wu hua.

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hmm your eyebrows seem a bit weird
blog more blog more ...... miss ya ..
need to fuck u quick
Need to fuck myself in the arse quick.
Need to fuck myself, and yr arse quickly and now ... pls let me hve yr mobile nos
What's wrong with Xiaohei?
ya looking better each day ..... :D
Where do u need to go ? I donch mind sending u :)
Gal, I think you are pretty but you really need to do something with your eyebrows.
Your eyebrows look like those very very old people use to have.
Hope you won't get angry :)
And I think you look better without color contact lens.
Anyway you rocks!!! Stay cOOl :)
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