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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crazy Properties....

Yo Yo Yo!

I been so crazy plus busy recently.

The property market is going so fast with all the reports going on that I have a hard time catching up.

Some of my owners are asking for sky-high prices and I have problem matching up my buyers' budget.

Not easy being an agent (but then again it ain't easy to be anything), I been working hard and late from Mon to Sun.

Worn out and tired. I didnt manage to meet my friends, date with Mr Ng, chatted to my family or even do my nails, go for facial and taking care of myself.

My money is being used for doing alot of stuff, considering this is my business and lots of preparation works to be complete.

I am putting my whole heart into this industry, I believe I will be able to succeed to fulfil my home seekers wish to get their dream homes and also to be able to help home owners get their profit.

Keeping my finger cross to close my first deal.

Going back to work now.

P/s: Stupid blogger cannot upload photo.... =(

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wa lao Eh....

Wa lao eh..

U all sure either miss me or sure kan me cos I never post..

Is not Lai Niang dun wanna post but I cannot lor...

My stupid PC dunno why crash and then I tried to reformat which I never do before but I still manage lor....

Sibei heng....

Now hor, I cannot upload photo...


Sibei sian.....

I wanna show my first advertisment here which cost me $169.96

Property is really not easy, alot of things to do but....




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Sunday, July 15, 2007


I been so tired.....

Btw, for those who leave a comment, may I request u to send an email to me, ah boh lao niang how to reply u if I got what u want sial?

I am concentrating on the area of East side. Got some listings available. If u are currently looking to check out anything there, can let me know.

Just to let u know that rental and pricing are all going up.

Let me just update what I have been doing.....

Me! In Cosafe Maid Cafe!

Ceasar Salad! Delicious!

The cafe! With a sweet young cosplay frenchmaid to do the serving.

My date had his dunno-what-spaggetti.

I had ribs! Not too bad. Not tender enough though....

Was at this pub for my client to do his first dance performance. School girls!

Very very nice. Fez Bar is at 57B Boat Quay. (Above Kinara Restaurant)

Best thing is they got this hidden attic above and very cosy! No need to pay any venue fees and I heard they got lots of privates party there!

Every wed, I will send some of my friends to do some dance performance 8m-11pm. This is candy!

Me! first time must do myself sial.... School Girl Me!
Went to did an Audio Exibition on Thur, Fri and Sat. Stella!
Went for some food after the sat job. Very tired...... I craving for Mud Pie!
I am going to do some work liao.
Good Night!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Something I felt so stupid....

I been thinking about it for days...

The other time I was trying to call Mr Ng....

I dialed his number using my house phone then I saw my own hp ringing...

I was pondering...

Nah Bey, why got so many private number calling me?

My house is private number btw...

At this moment, I never realise I call myself...

This is not the stupidest thing...

I answer my own call....

Then I still thinking it was some prank call who never talk...

I was so angry than I slam down the phone...

And I redial again...

Then I realise I am the blurest person in the world world...



P/s: Anyone interested in renting, buying properties can let me know k!

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Monday, July 02, 2007


Lao Niang got soooo many happy thingse to share!


I am official a Propnex Property Agent (Megaforce Team)!!!!!!!!!

I am focusing on Private sectors mostly so if U are interested to let me provide the service of finding ur dream houses, let me know!

U can contact me via email


Assignments are slowing down for this month! Thanks for those who sent in ur portfolio. Will keep it for future references!

Went to a fabulous place last sat! Mr Ng!

Seafood Harvest @ United Square!

Escagots! But u think i will like? Mr Ng hoot 1/2 dozens (minus one by me)......HAPPILY

We are very into "Clam Of Chowders" recently! But long john silver's one damn nice and cheaper!

The main course!!!!!!!!! LOBSTER WITH STEAK!!! Where to find u tell me! I been craving for lobster for damn long!

Happy man! Thanks for the delicious lunch!

Went to this freaking expensive tea place for tea.

Decor very nice and girl girl!

The service is great!

Went for this play called "JUMP" VERY VERY VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a damn great comedy I have think is nicer than "Boeing Boeing".

I think no more liao.... =( I would want to watch again lor.

IT IS REALLY FUNNY! I laugh all the way from start to ending!

Thanks to Mr Ng for the fantastic lunch and the show! it was great!

But hor.....we forgot about dinner......


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