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Saturday, August 26, 2006

My week!

Sorry for the late post!

I was getting not bad and happy!

Not very busy but just plain lazy to load the photos!

Assignments season are back and more shows to do!

Pls beware for modelling scam. I heard there are a lot of cheating case outside so girls, pls be careful wor!

I was suppose to do some baking during my sundays but again, I plain lazy lar.

Lai Photos time!

Last week I went to "Giraffe" for lunch.... Finally!

I always wanted to go there!

The view was great!

Had tea to clear my alcohol stomach.....

Can't eat much.... Ceasar Salad was great but the Lagsane sux....

Went to Beachbar for some drinks before catching "broadway beng"

Damn cosy and the seat damn shoik!

Finally! The show I been waiting for!

It was packed! And damn funny!

When we went in, there were hokkien gua....hahahaha Truely Ah Bengz!

Met up my darlings during the week for dinner....

Potato wedges! The only thing to eat when we were not hungry...

I like this......

Did A Nurse Gig for Foster Beer! An Awareness to let people know there beer are cold cold cold!

I was practically drunk cos I drink like mad but best thing I like about Foster is, it doest give u a nasty feeling....just high.....not dizzy kind...er....u get my point?

Did another promotion for "Sauza" at Sentosa! It was fun!

3 of us also drinking like nobody business! Think we going there again next week to continue drinking! Woooohooo I am looking forward!

Had my only meal that day! Ng's pizza by Mrs Ng! damn shoik!

I am a happy person!



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Friday, August 18, 2006

Devils Bar! My Fav Club!

I woke up early with a hangover.......

Sending Vincent home because he was so drunk that he asked me the same question 5 times within 15 mins...

Time have changed.

Women are more cool after drinking.....

Why huh?


Me! Heading down!

Met my cousin, Clyde to take MRT =(

Me at the station!

The train.....long time no take le... I dun even have farecard lor

We were the first happening fews to arrived.... Miko and Small-Kelly

Noelle and Me! We look similar sial!

Miko and Me!

Small-kelly and Me!

Noelle and Small-Kelly!

4 od us! Making alot of noise! in case those sitting around us are new, pls pardon us for being so crazy!

Small-Kelly and Alson! Who bought us the volka peach!

Noelle and Vincent who arrived dressed cool!

My best friend! Who said guy and gal no platonic rs? we been going strong for 11 years!

The booze! Imagine we finish nearly all!

Small-kelly kena kicked by noelle in the empty dance floor....

damn empty.......and we were damn boh liao....

Vincent in his nice pink blazer! Guys dressed like this damn cool!

I was on the phone....... had a hard time....

Everyone was teasing me because I tied a short chain to my phone that's why got to bend down....i rather do this than lose my phone!




I must make my eyes look big!

Vincent said I can step on his toes anytime!

Kelly start to become like a tourist and begun posing as if she is in the zoo....

Another Noelle!

Tommy arrived!!!!!!

Chris also arrived!

We tot that we never put hair on a guy before.... Vincent with long hair sux!

There start taking those 7 poses continous shots!

The 2 noelles!!!

Alson bought us a round of tequilas!

Good at making us drunk but he seriously cannot take photo....

I stripped Vincent's jackey....

Flasher alert!

Ju FINALLY arrived after her course!

We are happy!

We will be happy forever!

All of us were high like no business.....

Ju still hyper and she drink and drink...

yeah.....we started again.....the zi lianess....

Ju.....everytime use my camera self take....

Actually....most of our photos are self-taken....

We are quite pro lor.....

Most of the times....

Hanging on the bar!

Vincent with Ju!

Vincent with his fav crew!

Happily hanging onto the bar!

Self-taken again!

The crazy bartenders!

Jasper! The loyal one!

Headed down for supper..... Ju's car.....See....I told u le...

She drove us!

I tired to look sober.....

Cannot......I really hungry.....

I got a small bowl of porridge....

Miko's one damn big hor! Nice leh! I stole some from her!

They contribute fish to me!

What a happy ending! We are all happy and had our fun!

Going to catch this now! I Ah lian must watch leh!


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