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Sunday, January 28, 2007

My blurness.....still around ah...

Hi good sunday!

I slept at 7am this morning but I woke up like 1pm today.

The reason for sleeping so late and waking up early on sunday is because I was thinking.....

I was thinking about my future again.....

Though I only just changed my job but I got to rethink what I really want...

An Zua like that?

I also very confuse with myself but I think I will figure a way out....

Thanks to Mr Ng for standing by me, listening and advise me though I been bugging him the same problem for weeks.

He is damn patient sial....

He makes a great best friend!

This kind of guy, where to find?

Too bad, he's taken.....

Anyway, let u know lar.....Just now my mummy hor, ask me to go downstair with her to run and errand...

So I happily change into a presentable top and shorts lor.....

I still got comb my hair hor....

I walk halfway and suddenly I squat down and start to laugh non-stop, my mummy zitao turn around and ask me what's wrong...

I point down to my toes.....

I wore my bedroom slipper down!!!!

No wonder I find it damn comfy and shoik!

U never see this coming, right?

That's me!

Oh ya....Joey's Son! Damn hyperactive.....


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ning Nah Bey!

I can finally upload all the pictures after like 30 mins...


Why HELLO no more??????? I very angry leh...

I have alot of photos de leh.... KNN KNN KNN KNN

Anyway, got so much things to tell u all u know...

Where to start? Where to start?

Oh ya, thanks for all the lovely comments on me in Urban!

I love the photo alot! My dearest best friend, Qiqi said she going to laminate for me, muahahah!

Actually hor, my top cost less than 10 dollars leh, maybe they think is too cheap to be on papers?? And my slippers hor, I "stuned"(means=kop or means=borrow without asking) from my sister (I also dunno which sis) de....

I wear until so lok lok kok kok hor, I tot they will be choosing people to publish lor...ah boh I sure announce here liao....

Oh ya, let me introduce to u my second sister's blog

Click Here Pls

I think as her sis must do some publicity for her.....

*small voice* Actually she got write about me also sometimes

Her blog seems interesting to me though, so u all if damn free and Lao Niang boh update, u can check out hers lor.

I been quite tired and busy recently, got so moody and irritated because I got to work later than last time and the workload is more.

Sometimes, people envy our line but really so nice meh? I find it very tough leh....why huh?

Something to ask u all hor,

U all heard of "Richie Rich" before? I been looking around for the comics quite some time le... I find it damn interesting wor!

I read it when I was quite young but cannot find leh.

If anyone wants to give me for CNY, pls wrap in red paper. Gam Xia.

Richie Rich! Do u all have the same childhood as me?

Manage to meet up my another best friends on Tue! Meiyi, Joey Me and Meichuan! All in black!

Me & Joey! Mother liao.....

9 years le and still going strong!

We took this in the toilet....

Joey is driving also!But her company provides her a car so she everyday drive different cars.

That's Meichuan New car! She pass her license, her husband buy for her liao!

We cannot help it and keep taking photo....

My xiaohei's turn!

My 2 happily married women. I am so happy for them!

Though they got their ups and downs but I really thanked for sharing with me everything. It become strange when I am the odd one not married but since they already married so long liao hor (they got married very young) they have a stable marriage.

It was great meeting them up and even though we havent meet for so long, the chemistry is still there, think our foundation is really strong

When we met up, we were so busy catching old times and we discuss about one and other weakness and strength.

We always tell each other what is upsetting us and we are very frank towards each others. We know each other very well by now.

I think that's what real friends are, right?

I think I sure will meet them on CNY because they got to give me ANGBAO!!! WAHAHAHA!

P/s: Joey is bringing her son to my house now and he is so cute!!!

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Wa lao.....

Can someone teach me how to blog in the photos???? Stupid hello is down....

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Does Anyone still read my blog?

I know Lao Niang been so busy that alot of people gave up coming here to feel disppointed.

I am really zin pai seh....

I am equally disappointed with my blog, seems not interesting anymore.

What have I been doing?

Earning money and neglecting everyone around me?

Well, this chao ah lian is no longer young anymore....

She sure has grown up over the past years....

I am still having fun though but more focus now, especially I had found a job which suits my interest.

I am not sure whether I can manage in this tough industry or whether I can hold on to this tiring job but I will try my best to make it!

Anyway, some photos for ur preview.

Oh ya, just now I was trying to vacuum my room, i accidently suck in my g-string.......nah bey...

Was doing a media launch for a French beer, thus the frenchmaid outfit....Kawaii boh?

Wa lao....... I dunno how to upload photos for Picasa leh.... why cannot type words de??

I shall go figure out when i more free....


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Monday, January 15, 2007

The future wear.....

Sorry people,

Might not be able to update much because I just start my new job, busy with trainings.

Very tiring but I think I found something I really like.

Anyway, alot of people had email me asking me what products i use for my hair, skin makeup...etc

I will do a long post soon on what products i used and use.

Did a short event for my favourite client on Sun.

The space girls......

The future wear....cool, ah? Oh, that's aluminium foil on our hair.

Love u peeps,

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

I had so much fun!

Yo people,

Hows ur new year getting on?

I been quite free but yet busy....

Busy meeting all my friends and I am actually feeling very nervous NOW.

I am starting my new job tomorrow!

Very excited but yet nervous, this kind of feeling is what I always get when I go to school on the first day of a new year.

Damn scary, what if I cannot get along with them?

What if I cannot do my job well?

What if I say something wrong?

I very scared but I know I need to be confident of myself.

Wish me luck!

Oh ya, tomorrow my 2nd sis birthday, happy birthday sis!

Photo times!

Met up this bunch for coffee on Thur? A very last min decision......

See how messy we are.....maybe is me only...opps...

Then they start to arrange and clean up.....

Met up Marshall and Sassyjan for dinner!

That's mine and Sassyjan's

A nice jap bbq food at St James! Thanks to Marshall for the dinner!

Guess where I was yesterday?

WOOOOHOOOO! Science centre!!!

I love this place, very good for people with itchy hand!

We start trying out almost everything! This is the weighing machine to know ur weight!

Not only on earth but also on other planets too! Now u all know Mr Ng's weight...hahaha

Look At the doors carefully, it will close!

This is an amazing projector, can become thousand hands!

Cannot stop playing and then came the space background, see me bounce off the planets!

Soccer time! Got very pek chek and start hitting with my hand

Had a tried at the drum, notice how the sound travel and hit that cloth(?)

Why this 2 kids? Cause they dun let me play!!! I got so angry~!!

Finally, my turn!

I got so angry because i cannot hit very high points I continue hit and hit.

Astro-boy wanna be, not meant for adults obviously, so tiny....

Mr Ng also wanna chap zi ka....

Oh ya, if u got any saga seeds.....

Maybe wanna help in the contributions? Anyway, now give saga also not romantic liao...

This is amazing!

Look at the pillar and the painting on the ground!

Then i insist on taking the stimulator ride!

Wow, i was so excited and happy!

Even insist on sitting in the front row to make the 4 mins ride costing $4 worth it.

I ended up feeling giddy and Poor Mr Ng had to sayang my head......nearly puke also...

I was having so much fun!!!

Thanks to Mr Ng for bringing me there!!!

I will go again soon cos I havent touch all the things there enough yet!


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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007!!!!!!

Hi People,

It is the new year and a new start!

My new year resolution is always the same:

Me to be happy and everyone around me to be happy!

My family to be happy and healthy!

And of course, not forgetting my readers, thanks for coming so far with me into 2007, may all ur wishes come true!

I actually got alot of photos to show but got like 170 photos? I cut down to only a few.....

I skipped everything and shall go to the part when we go countdown!

Booked a room at Gallery Hotel! Friends were invited to party!

Very crowded......We were very happy and we drank before heading to the club.

Jerome and Bernard the 3rd to arrive....

Cedric and Vincent keep thinking is Orchard Hotel..... ????? WHY????

Headed down to Momo and manage to get a table for 2 bottles! That's Mr Ng's Friends, Irene and Husband!

Me and Jamie!

Jamie was trying to get the guys to buy a shot from her!

Ju came down after a while!

The bunch of us!

Me and Bernard! Great Guy with lots of humour, tall and single....any takers?

Jerome! Fellow Librian (Very romantic) Funny, Single, Nice and Tall!

I am with 2 cute fellows!

The 4 guys, Jerome, Bernard, Daniel & Vincent! All great people!

I was having loads of fun and I laugh like crazy!

Mr Ng came into the picture....He is also tall, cute, funny, fun but he is not single....too bad...

Alright, Mr Ng also abit er......siao....but I like!

Happy People!

Things start to be funny when u drink too much.....


WHY WHY WHY????????

Dun worry, they just love each other....BROTHER LOVE

Look at these people.....

A rose among the thorns.....

Michelle and her man came down after we counted down, See them laugh so happy again!

Though left abit early, hope u guys had fun!

Mr Ng was very happy to see them!

Daniel and Ju

Cedric, stress about work but still can have fun! U are great man!

I love these people! Can drink, can talk cock, can laugh, can take photos!

We never got too drunk but high enough to get going! Thanks to Jeeheng for buying like 20 over shots for us! Thank you!

This crazy gal kept on dancing....

Irene and Ju!

Yes, I am high le!

I caught this loving couple dancing in their own world....So sweet!

I manange to snatch the wife to dance with me! Haha

I dunno they were tired? Drunk? Lonely?

Things start to get out of hand..... We got strippers....

Then they start banging each other.....

Job finish.

I seriously dunno.....what are u people doing?

What is this???? Btw, the guy between Jerome and Mr Ng, that's the pilot who just touched down ---- AH BOON! Single too!

Me! Enjoying seeing people enjoy!

Bernard was....enjoying dancing to the indian song!

We had alot of fun and this dude neearly killed me with all the stupid nasty questions!

Thanks to all for coming down! It was tough for Mr Ng to organize this party because we have no idea where to go since it was so last min but the effort was worth it because everyone had enjoyed alot!

It was a great ending for 2006 and I believe we will all have a very good start for 2007!


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