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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ai blog boh post, mai blog got post....

Dun want to blog but got things to blog leh..

Just a photo to show me having some gossip chats with the girls today.

Up and coming new models. So young and TALL!

1.72m, I feel so short standing next to them.....

I always wish I was taller but never mind, god is fair. Give me quite a poportionate figure. I happy liao.

And hanging out with the new friends always make me learn new things.


I learn a new word

"Bitch fit"

Is that the "in" thing now young girls say? Is it Lao Niang so lao and sua ku huh?

I went up to search the net.

Source from:The Online Slang Dictionary

Meaning - "To throw a temper tantrum; to act in a loud, wild, or aggressive manner due to an upsetting situation"

You can say: "Don't throw a bitch fit on me just because i broke your lamp." or "I told him i wanted to break up, and he threw a bitch fit!"

Anyway, great to know these 3 cute little girls! We all share some common interest so I do click with them! (To me, u all are cute cos I am OLDER! )

Opps forgot: Left is: Titaleo Weiling , Me , June and Lynn


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mang Mang Mang~~~

Long time no blog....

Got 3 weeks is it?

I super busy...

Beer Festival is coming up, Stella is away.

Got quite a number of jobs coming up and I think I sent out at least 50sms today.....

Hmmmm, last time when I started doing shows, I simi sai jobs also take.

This agent ask me help, I do, that agent ask me help I do....

One day rush 3 places also havent die.....

Tiong gim zi pai eh models hor, like super busy.

This dun do, that cannot do.....

Rate little dun do, got casting cannot go.


My head going to burst and some jobs I going to do myself.....

Quick update before I go sleep. I got to arrange castings tomorrow.

Did a motorclub job er.....3 weeks ago....I think

I am very into scarf recently....maybe old liao....lines showing...nah bey

My this wife hor, kan busy also....long time no talk cock with her liao....

Celebrate Ah Ju Birthday last week. Chio hor the girls! All SYT! I so like!

Did a successful party @ Chimes, Discovery Bar on 26th April. Once a monthly party! Come join me and the girls!

Guess what?

Back to school!!

Not the usual school.....the naughty school girls party!

Was drunk, not drunk, drunk finally.....

Next month doing Mask and Feathers! Come join me! Wooohoooo!


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