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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Boh Photos....

I realise Lao Niang dun take photos now....

I think I just forget leh....siao liao....

Forget to capture all the happy memories...

So i got no photos to show you...

Anyway, since I think I am free this week, I think I will fly to Bangkok on Tue.

I will be going again in Oct though but it is more for Shopping trip.

Anyway, last time can blog everyday, now everyone like blog once a month.....

Nothing much to read also.....read facebook happier it seems....

Nana just learned to bark but lucky not too loud and nosiy.

I am trying to clear all work stuffs before I go off

And i hope I have more interesting things during my bangkok Trip.

Happy Monday!


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yah, nowadays not much people blog anymore. So sad. :( I miss reading your long long interesting blog!

Everyone going into facebook/twitter now. Do you have twitter?
really hope to see more of you soon ....... muacks
I miss your dog! i am turned on by dogs.
OMG! Updates!
wanna see more of you ... miss you lots .. COME BACK !!
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