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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hair....


Tomorrow is Friday!!!

To me no differences lar but to you I think damn happy right!

Anyway, my hair permed at

Hair Journal @ Blk 113 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-23 Singapore 380113 T:67438616

How come I so good can rem their address hor cos I just received their membership card and in front of me lor...

Not free one hor!

Lao Niang always do free adverts one...

My sis said "Da Jie, you lousy leh, I see some bloggers not pretty one got alot of sponsers wor, how come you dont have?"

I not lousy hor, if I like the things then I will blog myself, later try liao no good how sial??!!

Anyway, I decided to give you this salon contact cos they really not bad.

Service also good, always will check with you whether water too hot or too cold....

My hair is done by Eve who actually stayed till 1030pm when she suppose to knock off at 7pm...I so paiseh but she never rush to finish to go home....I was impress with that.

I dye and did digital perm and got hair treatment, I brought a photo to show them what I want. The damage was about $320+

I also bought a treatment hair cream which is $32

Goldwell Shampoo & Conditioner (I personally like this brand alot) which total around $140+

So total damage around $500 (Still got change)

I sat at the salon for 7 & 1/2 hr but they got release me to go out smoke, not too bad though...

I realise I havent took alot of photos for my new hair.....

Manage to dig out some which got thick eyebrows one!

Me at home, I never style much....but not bad hor

Tried to stick a flower there....I think next time go beach put better....like that go out abit like siao char bor....

This was a few days later....getting messy liao.....

I dunno why I frown.....I seriously do not know how to style lor...my hair too heavy liao....

Hope u enjoy the weekend!

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You don't really need much styling with that, you look awesome!
Very glam there, especially with yr sunglasses in the last pic!
looks femaine :) nicer
Maybe put some cream and do up a bit of curls at the end..
Anyway, you look good enough already! =)
yes, agree w the rest, u don nid to style much , somehow it volumise your crown and make it thicker..very sexy :)
you are beautiful!
The way your hair effect turned out like this after a few days, I seriously feel that you're way overcharged by the salon.
hmm how come never perm yr pussy also??
try making a beehive on your hair it will look nice gal
your assets looks alot bigger! did you do anything to them?
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