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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Thanks to all the support from everyone!

My colleagues! (Megaforce are the best! Boss, u too! Thanks for the encouragement)

My Friends! (Thanks for being so understanding, knowing I am busy and never disturb me)

My Family! (Always kena from me because I was always on the phone)
My readers! (Thanks for the encouragement!)

Mr Ng! (Dear Dear, I so love you! Thanks for being so understanding and not letting me worry about money)

Last but not least. My Team Sentosa! Thanks for all of us for putting alot of hard work to get this first deal close for myself and for our Sentosa!

More deals to be coming!

Thanks to my house Guan yin Ma, Tee Gong, Dua Pek Gong and Tai Swee Ye! I will offer more incense!

Proud Member of Megaforce and Proud Member of Team Sentosa!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long Time No Do Show....

Its been quite a while that lao niang never do show liao...

Though only 1 mth but so busy until simi also dunno but recently market is quite quiet..... and I needed some pocket money...

U know i dread that feeling when u need to borrow money or spend somebody's (that somebody is Mr Ng) money and the guilty feeling bother u throughout your whole life...

Like you own that person something.....

I still prefer to earn my own money and buy whatever I want without seeking anyone's permission.


Me: Happily showing a nice top and asked "Dear, Nice or not?"

Then ser-ca-lly he said not nice and I "L. P.P.L." got put back.

Not that Mr Ng is like that (he let me buy everything though haha) but that feeling no good leh.

Me and Zeta at Union Square on Mon! Long time never see her, after work we zitao go drink kopi!

I think this was on Thur, Lovely Rachel!

Esther! Who is also doing lesser shows and concentrating on her full time career.

Doing this is SIA dunno simi event.....

After abusing myself for 5 days and eating only bread and porridge, I look forward to paktor with Mr Ng every Sat. He always feed me with good food! We are going for lobster next week!

We went to this place call "Friends" @ Serangoon Gardens. Lovely Pork Jaws! I LOVE THE FATS!

Mr Ng's tenderloin steak, he complained too salty.

I had ribeye steak wrap with bacon, very lovely!

Dessert was dunno what with ice-cream, ok nia, I find it too flour-ly liao

Ok, going to work liao. Got to study my project cos my team members going to test me tomorrow.


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Drink Eat Play, Drink Eat Play

I havent been going out much because I was very busy, I scared I spend too much money.

But I realise, u need to go out often to destress and relax abit.

I decided to let me hair down when Miko jio me out that very day.

Actually, I got no intention to go anywhere because my head was filled with alot of stuff but I went on to enjoy myself and I really forgot about every single thing.

Met up with Ko in the noon time and went for Ice-cream before catching "881", I totally forgot about meeting my colleague until my movie end ...

We proceeded to "Restroom" @ Boat Quay since I left a bottle of cheap whiskey there (Complimentary from Mr Ng)

Initially Only me, Kelly and Miko and Andy, then I just jio whoever to help finish the bottle.

Me! I manage to cut my hair....myself....

Miko! Muakzzz

Miss Ah Gong Kelly! Muakz!

Kelly And Chang Chang Aka Alex....

Ben arrived not long ago and started to drink and drink.... That's Marcel forcing him to drink

I am Nokia (connecting people) for the night cos most of them dunno each other....I zitao just jio people to finish my cheap whiskey...

Kelly blocked my face.....

Me and Elson! Cute cute hor! Single leh, wanna know him?

Serious game cos We all getting damn high! We were playing dice first and we were so crazy and high liao that whoever drop the dice must drink. In actual fact, whoever point to who need to drink no matter what happen lar.

My funniest colleague, Ben Ang! He make me laugh all the time. He dio aim alot of times and he was so sporting that when we point to him, he just finish the poison.

We changed to playing card game, damn exciting!

All siao liao....Ben refuse to be in the picture... Dao leh!

See, we finish the first bottle of dunno simi cheap whiskey liao....Chang Chang was generous and open another bottle of Martell! Yeah!

Getting Red from the drinks....and I started to puke not because I was drunk, but I ate alot alot alot....From Ice-cream to Cheesehotdog to Nachos to beef Hor Fun to M&M's to Prawn Cracker to Whiskey to Martell & lots of green tea, u say I will puke or not.

Andy, Restroom's Boss.... never entertain other table, only us....

Dunno what happened but Ben keep hugging Miko's LV bag the whole night....

Mummy found 1 small little thing outside ourdoor....Imagine our "Gui Gui" so big liao! When we got it only that tiny..... Dunno how old also. But whole family decided that it will be our heirloom. Hahaha

I had my fun, got to pia really really hard for my work liao!

Love ya guys.

Wishlist coming up, mai siam! Hahaha


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Countdown to 1 mth and 8 days

It will be lao niang's birthday in 1 mth and 8 days...

Nah bey, I almost forgot leh....

I been so busy busy busy....

I thought I will have a chalet and invite people wor but i guess got not enough time to plan....

All the past years, i been getting piss drunk but I had stop drinking since Devilsbar close down.

This year I think same same as last year, quiet moment with few friends to celebrate my my my....... mid twenties.....

(Lao Niang pian pian dun change my age on the left sidebar leh)


KAO! WHY???? WHY???? I dun want to grow up I dun want!!!

I dun want to see my Buey Hiao Bai beautiful face got lines so fast....

Work and work and work until not much time to rest, sure look old fast.....

I been working very hard but how come suddenly property market slow down sial?

BUT HOR, i believe I can make it one!

Hard work sure will gain!

Oh ya, that day I was telling my colleague that I am glad that lunar 7th mth is over.

He asked:"Why leh?"

I said: "Cos the ga-ga all go back liao."

Then he said, "eh.....why u believe in ghost, u dun believe that god will protect u?"

Slience moment....
I think and think.....
and think
I replied: "I believe!!! But cos ga-ga got alot leh then god so busy and so many things to do, not enough time to take care of me how?."

P/s: I think I am still the same old me!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Executive Me!

Never see me in office wear, right? Hahaha Nice? Just took the photo!


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Monday, September 03, 2007

Psiseh leh

2 deals burst.....

Something unexpected stop the deal, i had tried my best and everyone assured me that it is not my fault but due to unforeseen circumstances...

Anyway, i really boh eng, havent been doing mailing for damn long....

Nearly ki siao to mail 200 over letters...

Well, got to go back to lick the stamps...

p/s: not dead yet but half....

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