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Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi Hi

I am back from bangkok! It was a great one!

Thanks to my partner for sponsoring me food, drink, shopping, air ticket and hotel!

I didn't buy alot this time but I think 90% i bought I will wear de. Last time I buy around 60% i wear nia....

Hmmmm tomorrow my dear Stella arrange a Pink Birthday Bash for me!

And the thing is hor...

Lao Niang forgot to buy a nice pink outfit tomorrow night.....

I still super lazy now to decide what I will be wearing cos PMS is here......

Anyway, photo time!

Welcome Lao Niang to bangkok! I Love Bangkok!

Stayed at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel which is behind Baiyoke Sky!

New, Clean and Cheap! $35/person/night

Lobby super big though.....

That's the room, ok la, not too big!

Love the sofa!

Bathroom was clean and I accidently spoil the metal hanger that was suppose to hang the towel.... Think it should be still there ba cos for 2 days, no one came to repair.....

Shopping started at 5pm-8pm.....Only these but I so love it!

2nd day! My wardrobe is THAT boring.....

Went to Chachutchak Market on Sun, think was kena ripped and bought the pink hat for $10sgd

Nice cafe at Section 12. Main purpose there to buy clothes for Nana

Not bad but no snack......

What was I looking at sial.....

The owners super stylo....

Went to eat Zhi-Char at Pratunam Market, it is call "Sidewalk Cafe"

Paiseh, I look super relac in Bangkok, as lok as possible! The food not say very cheap but not bad though

Naked is it also call "Raw"???? SO I can say I need to be "Raw" to bath???!!!

Not too bad, not too dirty I think......If you compare the whole area.....


Pineapple rice, roast pork, tom yeung, pad thai!

Buying bra and the lady insisted to try on me while at the so open area....-_-

I found a favourite food liao! Duck Meat Mama Soup noodle! Not bad leh! Thick Thick soup and not too soft noodle

This is at "Platinium Mall" 6th Floor food court - Stall 16

Last day....I bought all these for only...... $20sgd?

I was so happy! Cathay upgraded us to Business Class! I so big first time sit business class!

Lucky me!! So happy and I so excited! Big and comfortable!

Wooohoo! Thank god for treating me good!


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sorry to say this but seriously u look better without the nose job. from the pics ur eyes (closer to nose bridge) are like being 'stretched' towards the nose. Or could it be just pics? real person is not like this. my 2 cents worth.
nice yummy tits tho
pity the guy that ganna rip by you .. but if he manage to fuck you and later make yr life miserable.. thats not a bad deal after all..
I don't understand why are you always expecting people paying for your ALL your things? You aren't smart to get the guys' to pay for you, they are the smarter ones. I hope you know what I mean.
you look pretty without all those makeup :)
Thailand is a very beautiful and a very graceful even so elegant destination. All the experience is great and fantastic and full of joy, cherish and excitement. The beaches are so evergreen and tremendous, shopping plazas are great, temples are likable and are a part of ancient archaeology.

All the body massage centers are spectacular and absolutely fantastic and the food is too yummy and superbly sumptuous as well.
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