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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy CNY!!!

First of all,


Hope everyone huat huat, heng heng, healthy healthy and happy happy!

I still have problem typing cos of my nails so this post I will try to cut short lor..

This year was more like a reunion for my family.

Realise this year kinda short hor?

We didnt go out much but the Lim Family happily played Mj together and Xiaomei is beginning to learn as well.

Next time when Lim Sisters got married, can have 2 tables to play.

I went crazy and rush out to buy Nintendo Wii on Chu Yi at midnight.

Only place is Mustafa.

Got the whole set at $735 with extra consoles.

I am suprised by the salesperson who really know the product very well.

Mai Siao siao.

We were pretty addicted to the tennis game, quite shoik lor

I think every family should get one.

Helps to exercise and also got family bonding!

I was sweating after a game of tennis and the boxing game make us seems rather like a lunatic.

I try take a video next time of us playing the boxing game.

Mrs Lim (mummy) was really good at the boxing game wor, Mr Lim (daddy) was beat badly by her.

Even Lao Niang lose to her......

I had rest enough, will be going to work soon!

Have a good week ya!

Phots of me on Day 1!

Bought my green dress in BKK!

My Zilian illness suddenly relapse.

Think left profile looks nicer....this side not so nice, can see my nose clearly.

Happy Girl!


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy CNY soon!

Aiyo, Lao Niang realise I damn long no blog and no upload photos liao....

U all sian me right?

I been busy with alot of things but long story to tell leh.....

Anyway the happiest time 0f the year for Single people!

Can get Ang bao!!!!!!!!!!!


I love Angbao and I force everyone who give me angbao must wish me pretty forever! Haha

Anyway, hope you people be healthy and happy every year k! That is the most important thing in life!

Lovely ph0tos!

First event of 2009! Moulin Rouge! Judy, Candy, Me and Jo!

Me and Judy!

Long time never dress in costume liao.....

Changed to another set for next segment!

Me! I goanna print out this photo!!

I so chio! hhaha!

Caught a candid shot of judy in the toilet, she damn shocked haha

If u look closely......I do nose sure look nicer.....

My face somehow slim down......

See see see my nose!!!!!!!!!!!

Did my nails and I had a hard time typing this post..... I do it damn s-l-o-w

We take photos everywhere.....

I love myself alot!

Have a good 2009!!!!!!!!!!


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome 2009 in a Clean and Sparkling Way!

No time to do cleaning? Share with you the promotion


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**Note: Subjected to non-landed and apartments less than 1600sqft only

We also carry out all kinds of cleaning service from residential to commercial buildings, pre/post tenancy, contractual or hourly basis in a “Fast, Clean, Reliable” way. Giving you a house to smile is what we do…

For more details, please contact:
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P/s: Grab this fast, unlikely to have such a good price again.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Lao Niang si upload photos until bei ki siao liao.....

My bad...

Must blog more regularly......

I know....

I getting so busy again that I got no time to pak tor wor....

How to get married like that.....

Fortune teller ever told me I might have a chance to get married end of 2009 wor...

Mai Siao siao....

If really dio hor, i will charge referral fee hor....Haha

Anyway, the photos I promised.

My loyal fan, Mr KY said I always said will come will come but never come.....

2009 Me! Using new camera from a very wonderful person cum reader cum brother!

Not that I trying to look like ghost but I keep forgetting to buy lipgloss.....paiseh....

Recently been clubbing every week because of this young guy, thai singer, Nes.

My gfs always club with me, relac relac and gather gather...

Ju Ju got very gam with my other group of friends, i do like it alot when all my friends can mixed around together.

Thanks for accompany me, and sorry for making you drunk every time...HAHAHA

New friend we got to know there, Jeffery? Jeremy? I kept forgetting names.....

Yup, she will always tell me she loves me, not only must tell, will also show!

Seriously......we cannot even communicate......I cant speak thai, his english damn lousy....

Joseph, recently turning into our drinking khakis....

Ju also got to know him since my birthday.....

Wah......so shoik!

Karen, Ju & Stella

One jio another and another jio another, in the end, on a Tue night, 20 of us turn up....Everyone thought is my birthday cos I was so happy...I love big crowds!

We drank, dance, drank, dance until one by one all ran home......

My favourite thai singer, Aun!

Lai liao.......someone's goanna get drunk......

Judy also another one who love to do this "trumpet thingy"

All very busy drinking, pouring.....

Not stopping much.....

Damn cute this photo......

Aun and Stella.....

Judy and Ken who played piggy back whole night.....

Gillian who brought a class gathering there.....

Judy and Ju.....

Went for my company chalet on Fri.....@ Downtown East....

Judy also my colleague.....btw...

Me, first to arrive without the keys.....

Top from Bkk, $4, pink bikini $4....YEAH!

All waiting for things to happen.....

Our front view....KNS


Food came and we decided to stock up more! I need pork!

I really dunno who was the one who loves Hotdog so much......


All getting busy....

Everyone saw my outfit and kept asking where I went swimming.....

Our Mr Blur.....Lawrence Lau

Valin, helping out

The bbq pit

The 2 men trying to start a fire........

We still preparing food...

My beef!

Michael gave up the fire.....Kaijun took over....

I think she loves BBQ.....

Auntie Lucy decided to take over the fire after 20mins later...I suspect she used to be in girl guide...

Mushrooms! I usually dun eat but bbq is great! So juicy!

The girls group!

Uncles Alan

Michal came back after feeling guilty for not bringing the martell....

I decided to help out for the first time in my life and I burnt the food just 5 mins later....

Happily Eating

Our team!

Discussing games to play!

I so love games! We like school children!

Our enemy!

So fun and funny!

Is a kind of guessing game

All very enthu!

Went paktor on Sat, eat alot....This is a famous Chocolate Tart in Katong

Pardon the no-make-up mood.....Mango Pudding!

Today.....Lovely Sun! Me! Attending a wedding dinner!

I think when you grow older hor, you start to dry.....

I promise I will do my nose soon, which doc to recommend?

I going to sleep le....Dambn tired

Woke up with a hangover today

P/s: Thanks to everyone who emailed me, I am trying to sit down and reply but no chance yet.

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