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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Mood....

I been at home for 3 days already.....

Even my sisters sense the mood in me....

I dunno where to go....

I dunno what to do....

I can only blog.....

I suppose u can sense the mood I have with the photos below....

I know I damn boh liao......

Anyway, Met Ju on Sat and we went to check out Singapore Idol!

Alot Alot Alot of Langs wor... People Mountain People Sea

Ju Ju!


Small Kelly took over my shift and accompany Ju while I went for a short assignment...

Ju and Small kelly!

Ju and Me! I love white!

Zi lian....

Zi lian 2.....

I going to watch Tv already..... Ever since I woke up very late today.... I had 1 sandwich, a bowl of porridge, 3 packets of lemon barley drink, 1 bar of Kit Kat, 1 twirl chocolate, 1 kinder burneo, 1 yoshinoya chicken and salmon bowl in less than 3 hours....

And I also lao sai twice....



Take care, dear Apple~
LS twice liao!!!
The Singapore Idols really Ren Shan Ren Hai from wat I see~
I thought u are going to join at first,
when I see those photos! *Wahaha*!!!
And Wahhh! So Guai? 3 days never go out liao!!!
I thought Ju cut her hair in the first photo!!! :)
And your hair looked fab as always!!!
Take good care!!! :D

-MiniVV aka Vivien

I saw u at my company dnd last sat at Regent leh...u look great :)

-Lazysandy (FP)
hi. you don have links to your archive?
Char Bor, can jio u out or not? U still look so great after all the nuahing at home..
Just a simple meal with a simple guy..
Apple ah ~! i think u got skinner & looks prettier liao :) Cheer up & stay well ~!!
Apple, still feel bored anot ? Open the door lah. Heeez =)

Its nothing much lah but something to get you by loh. =)
Err.. Actually, the optician told mi is juz normal colored-lens lor. but when i wear it, i realize i got bigger eye. haha. Maybe my "pupil" too small (-_-") btw, u mind if i link u up @ my blog? :D
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