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Friday, February 03, 2006

Me? Me Me Me!

So bored today, lao niang got show later....

Good lor, if I dun work I will die soon.... Recently I think events are getting lesser also, how huh?

I havent been driving Xiao Hei recently also, either I got nowhere to go or got people fetch me.

I still enjoy being treat like a lady wor, it is nice to be passenger also but I think most guys dun dare sit in my car...

Me and Noelle been driving very slow recently, there are so many camera around, better dun take the risk lor.

Anyway, photo times!

I cut my own fringe abit, hope it looks ok?

Met a friend for movie.

I was so bored while waiting for the movie to start, I decided to have a series again.

Eyes big right?!!!



Like the same as above hor? But I like looking at my own face...so chio!

This angle!

Another angle!

We went for dinner at a Jap restaurant at Mohd Sultan. Not bad wor!

Miso soup! I was feeling very cold....

Erm...sorry...u all always complain my blog got a lot of food so I try not to put nice pictures...hahaha

Friend have to go to hospital for a while so while waiting for him outside, I decided to smoke but I saw this....

I walk out further....saw another one....

Kao....this one lagi bigger and got number for u to call wor...

I decided to stand n-e-a-r-l-y outside the hospital and light up my cigarette.... I was wondering why got a sign out of nowhere so I walked in front to take a look....

VERY BIG!!!! I never kill my fire but I zitao run out very far far away.... Smokers are pathetic loser lor...

Friend and I met Noelle and her husband for a drink at Mount Faber...

The 2 guys chatting happily so we decided to act cute....

And keep going to the toilet but because some big shots was there and we were not allow to go near! We waited like 10 mins ok.... can pang sai with that time already lor...

The second time we go toilet, she Zi lian.....

She squatted down to take photo with the fish or fishtank I duno but nice meh?

Ok, Got to find things to do...



I wanna go Mount Faber too!!!
hey babe, is that eyelash extensions on u? or some pretty good mascara? intro intro abit leh. very nice. Where to get, or where to go and do ahz? how long can it last u? can email me at natxwang@gmail.com?
Haha..didn't know that hospital got so many no-smoking signs sia!
yea... are the lashes real or fake ones? LOL
Your eyelashes are so long..
yeapp i wanna know where you got your eyelashes also. tell me leh they damn long and nice.
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