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Monday, January 16, 2006

I hate Valentine....

Fuck sial....

Less than 1 mth is Valentine's Day.... (I know lar, Chinese New year not yet come Lao Niang talking about 14th Feb le....)

Neh Neh leh.....

This year I will be spending a lonely valentine's day again.....

Hmmmmm....I remembered....

Last year...

I teached Jolin how to bake a cake for her bf.... (We ended up at 12midnight because she forgot 1 important ingredient)

I was letting my heart heal and trying to get over someone who took my heart away.....

So...... I tried to work.....

To forget the pain, to enjoy the day.

I played cupid with Miko at Holland V (Me this jian ren forced her to worked with me)

My task was to asked all the couples who were enjoying their warm, delicious, romantic dinner to buy a beer so that I can play some really great games with them, take a polaroid photo for them and also hoping to bless them with my sincere heart.

With an empty stomach and an empty heart, I was scolded very harshly by a waiter in a particular restaurant because he said that I was interupting his work. I broke down because he shouted me in front of everyone at the restaurant. I cried in the toilet for abit too long and was stared by one of the lady customer.

Des Des(That time already Miko's bf) rushed down in the midst of his lesson after Miko told him about me hiding inside the toilet and cry.

Instead of spending an intimate moment together for a nice romantic candle-light dinner, The 2 of them had to accompany me and we ended up at one lousy, non-romantic kopitiam for dinner.

The most miserable pathetic valentine I will never forget.

This year, I dunno what I want to do and I never plan anything.

I know all my gfs wont be able to spend their time with me because all got their special someone.

I do not wish to keh kiang to work again this time to avoid feeling disppointed.

I have no one to share my love with.

Maybe I am scared.

Scared of falling in love.

I realise, when I start to give my heart to that one who had told me he loves me but in the end, they choose to leave me all alone with the broken pieces of my heart, with my tears dried up, and myself, nearly falling apart.

I am too afraid to know that someone loves me.

Maybe I am paranoid?

But after so many times, what if it happens again?

When I learn to love that person back, will he choose to take his heart back and leave me shattered? Alone?

Suddenly, I can feel the pain coming back to me.

Have u ever felt that before?

A really sharp pain stabbed deep into ur heart that u have problem breathing & thinking?

Fuck that 9pm show on Channel 8 which makes me so emotional.....

But is very sweet and good show leh, though got kissing scene lar.

Then hor.......I realise the last person I "lar" with is one of the devil bitches. (Can't remember who)


But the show damn sweet hor?

Lost the ring and 2 men find for her....

I blur all my life and all my bfs only know how to laugh nia....

Sai Sai Sai....

Reality is cruel....


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hey poi.. dun worrie, i think tat you are a great gal.. u will find that special someone.. really.. u are pretty and u are not some1 i would classify as a bitch.. have faith in urself okie.. ^^,

btw, i am an occassional reader of your blog.. din really update mine though.. =b
Apple, u r pretty in your own ways. Dun worry so much, u will meet your 'white knight' someday. Let fate decides. Anyway, wishing u & your loved ones - Happy Chinese New Year & Valentines' Day
darling i also watched the show...haha wondering y i not that xin fu hor...kekeke...no worries...yr one coming in 2007!!!!
you have a nice boobs...would u like to have a fuck with me?

my number is 98397811, 1000 for making love, 500 for blowjob
well ur prince will come sooner or later! btw, where's ur boots frm ? veri nice leh.
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hey, I've experienced such pain too... maybe you really need the time to heal, and to learn how to trust again.

Trust isn't easy to come by so do treasure the next guy who is able to make you love someone a whole again ya?

Not having a date on Valentines' Day isn't that bad after all, though I know you will definitely have lots of dates for you to pick from! *hugs*
hi ger, i know how u feel, cos i oso a 'guo lai ren'...i was feeling exactly like you for a long long time even when i met my new someone, i din dare to accept him, but lucky he gave mi time and help mi through....i believe u can find tt someone soon...rem wat ur fortunt tell told u... :)
hey there ma lady....u wld find one who wld be meant for u soonz...be patient, chillz, and before u noe it...tada...u found ur perfect partner! =)
It takes a minute to have a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone, and an day to love someone...
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Valentine is also a day to show love to your friends and family, so don;t keep thinking about bf :)
Girl ah.. U stil rem ur last V.Day.. I dont even rem anything lor. Cos there isnt anything memorable. Think I did - NOTHING.

And who knows.. This yr also another one. Sigh.. Trust me lah, sometimes, being single isnt really a bad thing. Love hurts...
I like you but I'd rather remain your reader and your supporter.

I waited for your reply in my email for quite sometime already but I have given up the wait. *Disappointed*

I wait for your reply ah ... I go buy 4D lagi better. Sometimes still can strike and win a bit. *sigh*
Aiyo, dont worry! The special someone will come soon! =) and i watched the show too.... so jealous of the sotong!
GC Edge,

Sorry sorry! I been so busy...

Btw, I got the new year card! Thanks!
hey ger.. i its ok la.lots of ppl are single oso now.. ppl like me..yeah.. so just treat it as a normal day lor.. or go overseas ba..
you r too simple minded. Don't always think guys want u for a serious relationship. Your dressing, style n body language tells guys that u want to have fun.
dun ever judge a book by its cover
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