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Friday, January 06, 2006

Nanyang Poly...

To the students of NYP or simi lang related to NYP or anyone's anyone's in NYP:

My sister lost her big big school bag in this place where people should learn the moral ways. Very sad to hear that not only her bag was stolen but her friend's too.

Nay Beh.....

What is wrong with that asshole who took her bag in front of few hundreds people during lunchtime in the school canteen.

No shame at all to carry not 1 but 2 ladies big bag and claim his own and walk out of the school zai zai lor.

Seriously....very seriously...

I cursed u.... (I hope I can urge all of u who is reading this to join force)

WE cursed u....

U will lose all of whatever bags u have at home.

And when u use my sister's handphone (which is inside the big big bag), it will go ah-chin-ba-bomb and EXPLODE!

The upsetting part is not the Samsung D500 handphone which is inside her bag but almost all her textbooks are inside!

Not the worst news but her exams are coming and she needs the books to study.

The worst news is..... when she reported it to dunno-simi-chief-of-affairs-simi, he/she said that it is not a uncommon thing that happen and it had happened alot of times in this place when people are suppose to be learning, to gain knowledge, to explore the world, to know what is right and what is wrong.

Wa lao eh.....

Since the school is not giving any warnings, I hope u all do take good care of ur belongings and not letting anyone out there to have chance to spoil someone's day.

How would u feel if u lost ur dear stuffs?

I can only say....

What a fucked world

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hi apple!!!
sry to comment on this post..but nd to get ur attn eh!!
anyway...i m working at a boardgame cafe..which u ve went to one be4..but this is new n located at Parkway...n is open by ur photographer Andy tan...but i suppose u forgot him..do cum dwn with ur mates n ve fun!!!
hey.. nth to comment abt ur post, jus a msg... jus asking did she went to e right seat dat she put her bag?? cos i from nyp too, but normally we jus leave it liek dat n went to buy food not onli us alots ppl doing dat but we nv encounter dat b4... Is her bag branded? or frenz doing prank??

Under what circumstances did she lose the bag? Did she leave it unattended in the first place? If so, then she is just as bad as whoever took the bag. While that person is a thief, your sis has also got to learn to be responsible for her own things.
kinda of sad...coz i use to left my bag in nyp but never happened at all.It only went missing when i dropped it and it was just few minutes ago!But i muz agree that the nyp staff did things really the...Yup, let's cursed those who took ppl's belonging!They are really no gong de xin!
yeah.. as much as we should curse the shit outta the thief, we should never ever leave our belongings unattended, not even in school.. or NYP so to speak since it's open to the public! not a wise thing to do.
well, hope your sis will find her way out.
my fren lost her laptop in school before!
well.. i was from nyp also.. all i can say is that the security there bo chup one...
Hi. If yr sis happened to lose her bag at foodcourt, yr sis can actually request e food court management to allow her to view e cctv video.
actually the same thing happened to me at nus too. but the cleaner helped mi catch the guy and a police report was filed. tertiaries are really easy targets. urgh.
hi there...
happen to read this and wanna share sth.

i used to be a nyp student and during my 1st year, i had ever seen a guy who open my friend's bag in the canteen to steal the her's hp and then run away. at that time, my friend and i gave chase after that guy and somehow seems to throw the phone somewhere near the carpark.

for you and your sis information,
the canteen is south canteen at the engineering side.. NYP is not a safe place for you to place your things w/o someone taking care of your stuff. esp when any ah beng ah seng also can come in de..
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