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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2!

Eh... thanks to all the well wishes, I send back to all of u. Btw, I in Maxim meh? Sial Lar, can anyone scan and email me?

Anyway, I was kiao to Devils by 1 crzy couple. The husband jio me go lancing lor.... How can I not go?

I nono why people really think I cheongster, seriously, I dun cheong much now lar. The other time is when M**o's bf touched down from his plane and jio me go cheong now is N****e's bf jio me go.

Anyway, though we didnt stay long and I never crawl home, it was a funny sight at Devils.

It was Ladies Night wor, so got free flow till 12midnight.

Saw a lot of char bohs queue and queue for drinks.

Got 1 lagi funny, 1 hand got a bottle of corona and the other hand got a glass of volka organe (i think) and still queuing up for drinks wor. Abit Kiasu....

I see the girls hor, (mentally statisic count ) I think one gal also hiong hiong got take 6 each within 15 mins.

Wa lao, even when they closed the free-flow, still got gals go ask wor. I got 2 glasses of volka, I never queue, I too paisey to queue but still cheapo want to drink. I got the superviser to cut q give me.

I take 2 glasses, slowly drink and stop liao. I got drive lor, if not, maybe I will take alot...


Seriously speaking hor (really serious), I really too paisey to get free drinks, the only person I ka in devils is my cousin, C*y*e.

He always said: "wa lan, how come u always ka me? Here got so many guys u dun ka one"

Relative mah, easier to ka. I dun dare to ask people to buy, later got to follow home leh, how sial? I rather pay my own money.

Dun owe anybody anything better hor.

Women must got diginity de.

Anyway, I decided to show my photos cos my blog damn boring now sial. I ga gi also find boring.....

Pau! The bartender! Saw him outside when I queuing. Beside him is lao niang, Poisonlady.

This is the crazy couple who eng eng jio me go devils.

The wife and Poisonlady.

When to lim teh, or cannot drive home cos drink until ang ang. Reminds myself of Doraemon.....

Zi lian.....

Happily Single Chio Lady,

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hi apple... i hope this qns is nt offensive... but did u stop blogging to get ur nose done and den when ur nose recuperate, u restart ur blog with pics again? i'm so curious..
U mean I become prettier ah? U think I got money to do nose meh...my car cost me a bomb..
FINALLY... ur pics are up again...
and if the wife does sees this.. CONGRATULATIONS!!

I MISS U SO MUCH... anyway take more pictures of yourself k.. and your car too..
love ya..
hey apple!! jia you ok .. enjoy your post alot.. :_ glad u are back blogging and posing pictures. :) love ya lotsSS!-daphne
Welcome back Apple!!! :D

-MiniVV aka Vivien
YOU SERIOUSYL ROCK. Keep up the pictures please. i like your blog liddadt leeehhxxx
really happy for you =)
Apple, did you manage to retrieve the Xmas card I put at the flowers outside your doorstep?
Happy New 2006...May the new year be more poisonous than b4...glad to see u back blogging... Cheers
Edge, sorry, yup yup i got it...think u can put new year card already..keke
Hi apple -- glad you feel comfortable enough to put pics back up, but I kinda liked your blog w/o them since it showed who you are instead of just what you look like. I'm not complaining about all the pics tho! :)
at last some pics of my fav chio blogger... btw, ur eyelashes are long and beutiful! u did eyelash extension or stick the fake one?
Glad to see you back and rockin! woo~ =D
think u look so pretty in the last pic.=)
u mean noelle is married already?? MAN!! I wanna see her wedding pics.... can share, pwease?? she must have looked gorgeous.
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