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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Lang ah Lang ah Lang Lang ah Lang,

I never have the intention of blogging today on New Tear's Eve though I am at home and it will soon be year 2006 in 3 hours.

I am not working tonight nor going out anywhere but I receive tons of wishes from my friends thru sms. Only M*****N had jio me go devils but the thought of spending money and cannot drive and having trouble to get cabs make me decided to stay at home on this special day.

I guess all my friends thought I will be boh eng and never asked me out, adter all I am always very busy.

The reason that I blog is because of No***e's phone call.

She was shopping at Suntec and she met 1 of my readers. Sorry but I do not know ur name cos she never mention but she told me is a sweet 20year old lady who is a supportive reader.

Thanks for being so supportive and being so warm.

The reason I love blogging is because whenever I go out hor, I met so many people who read my blog and gave me encouragements, who told me they love me for who I am and show care and concern.

I am sorry I create such a big disppointment to all of u when I close this page down but at least I know the faithful ones had found me once again.

I promise pictures will be up soon and my baby camera will have jobs to do.

Paiseh, last time I have more time to use the computer cos I was stuck to a 8-5 job in the office, now I am doing sales, not easy to Lao Niang to even check email than to blog lor.

**To: Miss Wendy Aka Xiaxue, I got ur email but never had the chance to reply. Thanks for emailing me and scold me. Hahahaha Now I open liao hor...

I know my blog is boring without picutres and nothing much of my life, but I try k.

I will jia you de.

Happy New Year!

2006 will be a better year for all of us.

(2007 might be even better cos I will find my special one. He he he)

Lots of Love,

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Wishing u Happy 2006
Happy new year! :)
HappY NEW YeaR 2006!
happy new yr gal!! u surely got many readers.. ur confidence of being a woman. leads other women to feel pretty themselves too.. stay this way and dont let others affect you..
have a great yr ahead!
Happy New Year!! I saw ya picz in Maxim.. Nice!! =)
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