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Sunday, January 08, 2006

~pQ's birthday~

Hi peeps,

It's me again! lolz... IT"S MY BIRTHDAY~ but my family bo sim sia~~~ Happily tell my mom, "ma, my birthday on sunday leh~", her reply was "so?" - -'''

So I went home today... to "spend" time with my family on this special day... but then hor, my mother, father and ah poi sleeping, xiao mei still lamenting over her phone... haiz... luckily I still got friends and bf... if not, i will be lonely to death...

oH! actually I wanna remind u all to take the survey~

note hor, it's especially, means others pls oso help if u havent do it k... hehe.... thanks alot!!! I will add into my birthday wish to bo bi those who have done the survey to have a blessed year ahead!

Gam sia, with love and gratitude,
The cute "tigeress"

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yo "cute tigeress"...HAppy Burfdae wor!!
Happy Birthday lah...
Im so happpppy that you are back...
i love you!!!!!!!

your greatest fan heehee!
You received my CNY card already ? Btw, you look voluptuous. Nice =)

You forgot to put up your birthday wishlist ... =)
Very nice site! »
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