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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cheongster? No....I am not..

Today is my second sister, PQ's birthday.

My god....and I totally forgot about it.

I so heartless......

Sorry.... Happy Birthday!

I do hope she is having a good time with her bf.

Because her birthday fall during the new year period, most of us in the family always forgot and I know she feel damn upset because she thinks that we dun care.

We do care but sometimes I feel that my family all quite boh xim one.

Is in the genes lor...

Just now mummy went out to tabao food for me to eat, my cousin was around also. She asked me and asked my cousin and happily walked out of the house.

My youngest sister then said, how come her mummy never ask her want food or not.

Mummy got home and exclaimed, "Aiya, Xiaomei, I forgot to ask u want to eat or not!"

3 of us: -_-

Anyway, last night I was the amabassador for Foster beer. Was at this pub opening to create a awareness for Foster. A very happening pub. Everyone call me by, "Darling, Sweetie, Gorgeous, Lovely" , so friendly and a warm place. Though I was tired, I truely enjoyed my work.

I need to watch TV now. Pls look at the photos.

Me with Xiaohei!

My beloved, Xiaohei Aka Mr Black.

Zeta! But not with Xiaohei, is someone's else car.

Both of us in the toilet!

Zeta zi lian!

Met The Jim Bean Crew. Ash & Stella! Chio Chio Chi0!

I love their uniforms!

My sales, Patrick! The poor thing still have to work on his birthday....

Zeta with Partick!

Met alot of people there!

Met my reader, Caroline (Correct hor? I do hope I remembered u name correctly)!

Thanks for being so supportive!

Another reader, Simon! (Gosh, I am so happy)

Guess what? Cute? My bf! Yandao, right? Eurasian wor!

Damn sweet and he can even carry me!

A very sweet talker who followed me thruout the night, he even called me and chatted with me but look how tiny he is, only 10 year old. cute hor! I even got charm for young thing.

Driving to Clark Quay but not MOS cos we dun want to q.

Me Zi lian in a pub at clark quay. Was there with Zeta and Patrick for some drinks...

Zeta in her lovely top in my car!

After 2am, 2 of us hop down to devils to dance! I know this bunch if sweet guys for 2 years le!

2 years le...imagine I cheong so long there....

Alloycius with Zeta!

Me with him!

At dance bar....this fellow dun give me my drink.....still perform...

Imagine we got no money to go devils. I only brought my devils card and a card to sign. Luckily can sign or we 2 wash cups there...

Met 2 friends at devils and we drove to temp Newton for some food.

I wondered how the guy (my friend) know the clams is spoil and the other guy (my other friend) ask me to go www.seehum.com to get the answer... -_-'''

Me and Zeta from 7pm drink until 5am... I reached home at 7am. Damn tired but raining whole day. Quite shoik sial!


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Hi Apple,
No surprises! You posted the pix(es) you took w me on your blog! You got my name half right...
You cheongster la, after Wrench still can go cheong. I have to say, you girls added a lot of fun to the place. Hope to see you soon!
I LOVE I LOVE I LVOE APPPPLLEE and her pretty photos.
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hey Apple.... Glad to see you back and posting your beautiful pictures... :-)
Who can resist a pretty gal's charm not even a 10yr old boy ;)
Great to see back with all those beautiful Pics esp with you inside.
What a great site » » »
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