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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dora's Wedding

It was a beautiful day yesterday.

Our agent, a fellow experienced model got married last night at Furama Hotel.

After my work, I rushed down to Mount Faber for another quick private event, after that I rushed down to the wedding.

When I reached there, it was 8 but the dinner not started yet. Singaporeans....

So happy to see the other fellow colleagues, other than doing shows together, seldom there will be chance to see one whole bunch flocked together.

We were all busy asking about each others but there are just so many of them and not enough time.

I didnt even have a chance to get their email address, I do hope they got read my blog lor.

It was a fun night and a very entertaining one.

Photos time!

Need to sleep to get ready for work tomorrow!

Zeta who arrived a little bit earlier before me!

Zeat and Nerissa!

Nerissa and Me! (I looked so tired...)

Seated at the table waiting to catch the bride and groom marching in...

The girls! From left: Jessie, Zeta, Frost, Nerissa, Ash, Jac

Nerissa and Me!

Me and Ash! (Both of us cheong till morning on christmas)

The stage was like a runway stage!

A pro MC volunteered for the night!

Finally, the bride and groom.......backs..

Happy Happy Happy!

We sneaked out for a smoke and some photos...

Me And Frost!

The next marched-in! But the groom was a little sey liao...

I forgot his/her name. Performance was great!

Four of us! Long time no see!

Me and Sherry!

Me and Jac!

Zeta and Sherry!

Wendy jie and Karen!

Zeta, Ash and Me!

A group photo at the end of the night. The one I circled, I dunno she it siang leh, dun think is our fellow colleague.

I think she kan high, when we take photos, she just squeeze in and took with us...

Still got lots of photos but I dunno where to find them. Almost every one got a camera. Imagine how stress people take photo for us.

Soon it will be my turn!

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Yippee ! U r back !
yeah i agree. where did u get ur dress from? its really pretty..
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