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Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy New year!

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni Ah Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni!

How is everyone doing on their new year?

I always love chinese new year....

1. People are always cheerful and full of well wishes

2. Everyone get to rest and not to work!

3. Lots of foods!!! Steamboat!!!

4. Can get Ang Bao!! (Heng I not married)

In fact, is eat drink play & be merry! Great lor!

Although I not very young like small small times and not feel as excited as before but I still love CNY!

I been bored though for the past few days.... kan si lang sian....opps, cannot say bad stuff...

Very sian wor....

I also dun feel like going out because my skin going thru major outbreak now.... chicken egg lor...

If u wanna ask me out, seduce me with steamboat or playstation! (I was at Des Des place an hour before and dun wanna go home because I was stuck with his playstation lor)

Anyway, I need to sleep now, got to go Boss's house to celebrate.....

Fri, Met Kathy during Tiger event! Still a babe but more tan now!

4 chio bus!

Met Noelle for a movie, I not stupid too... Damn touching! I cried throughout the movie....

Chinese New Year Day! Chu 1 ! Dress casual this year cos I old le....

My younger sister, Erjie....

Youngest one, Xiaomei.... (i want my long long hair back!!!)

My cousin, Ah Di.... Only 17 this year? or 18? But 1.8m le....

Then this 2 siao char boh keep taking photos.....in xiaohei somemore!!!

I was jio by this 3 young kids to Kbox on Chu 2 which is today... (I no make-up and this photo very ugly so I no put)

Jay's fans......My god....They sang alot of S.H.E also....I old le....

Went to Grandma's house for Stamboat!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!

Erm....Our Ah yee hor cannot find the steamboat the scoop food one then she got this.....this one is for frying one wor.... -_-'''

Ok, Got to go....

Eh, got anything email me leh, nothing also email me can? Can let me have something to read? I reply until no mails to reply le...



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omg... u really post the pics up!!!!
Hey ur xiaomei looks like u! =) Anyway Happy CNY!!!
u can try read mine. tho mine not as interesting..but got pic too haha....
happy cny! stay mei mei!
~*~ HaPPY ChineSe New Year!!! ~*~ Apple!!!

May u be blessed with HaPPiness forever and more in life!!!

I LoVe your face shape and Great figure!!!

Gua Zhi Lian! *thumbs uP*!!! :D
your cousin is cute! the 17 year old guy. haha=)
There will only be a unique you. Feels great to be able to read ur blog again.
best regards, nice info » » »
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP » » »
Keep up the good work » »
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