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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Busy Me!

Good Morning!

I am drawing my eyebrow and updating my blog before I go for work...

Kan Boh Eng leh...

If I dun update now, I got no time as CNY is coming....

No time to talk... just see photos k...

Went Balacalva on Tue to join my friends for some drinks and met this sweetie! My reader! (Sorry I forgot ur name and I cannot find ur blog wor)

Met up a friend for lunch yesterday at the Polo Club!

Great View!

They even got a basic riding class before valentine dinner, guys, if u are planning something, can try here!

Drinks are not ex also!

Rei, my friend had ox tail! Yummy!

I had lamb shank and very tender!

Then after work, I went home for spring cleaning for my room... My bags...

More neat now! My friends call this "the tree"

My cosy shoik shoik bed! But very bed to sleep alone....

Ok, got to go... I havent settle my shoes and clothes which they call "the rest of the plantation"


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wah very long nv c ur tree liao wor.....take care ah!!!
there are many people out there also single during this valentine's day. so don't be sad or feel bored to sleep alone on the comfy bed. anyway who says valentines must be spend with lover? it can be a day to be spend with friends as well coz it's all about love
That is one hell a lot of bags & shoes. Gawd !!! The last place I saw so many shoes is a shoe shop not a bedroom.

Btw, the clothes that are out in the open are for what ? Waiting to be dried or waiting to get ironed or ...... You actually don't have a wardrobe to put them in ???

Prettiest people equates to eating oneself. =P
One other thing, what are you using to take those pictures ? A Digital Camera or a Phone Camera ?

The words of the menu are like , super blurrized loh. =)

Anyway, Blur Queen meets Blur Pictures. Keke =D

Happy CNY to you Appleee.

Scary tree!


Neatly made bed though. Nice!

And I agree, Valentine's Day, for the most part, sucks rocks.
Putting the shoes together with the clothes? Don't they smell?
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