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Friday, January 20, 2006

Noelle's Hen's Night

Wooooo HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!

I am happy happy happy!

Good Mood!

Forget about V Day or Stupid V Day... Lao Niang Damn good mood cos I am going to party real hard today!

For Noelle's sake, Lim peh not taking any assigments lor... I need to keep myself chio and pretty so I can meet eligible guys at her wedding for my best friend's important day!

It is her hen's night today and niak niak niak <---evil laugh , we sure let her remember what her last day of singlehood had happen.

Anyway, something bad happen today.......

Xiaohei was kena kao by me!!! 2 deep scratches on the left side!

This is the second time my 2 mth old car kena long dio liao....

I feel so bad sial....

Not my driving skills sucks hor, is the carpark fault, how come such a tiny lot? KNS....

When I got money hor, I will turn Xiaohei into Xiaobai or even Xiaopink....

Not bad, right?

I need to prepare chio chio now to go clubbing! WoooooHOoooooooo!

Party till late, tomorrow go shopping!


Met up Noelle for lunch the other day....While walking past a dessert stall, happily, I drag her hand and said, "Hey, let's have dessert!" (I look so tired......pui pui)

But.....it is not something we can drink.....

I think is porridge....cold one somemore!

Simi Mei Nu? Not nice to drink how to become Mei Nu?

We both took 2 bites and we decided to leave it....

Ended up drinking green tea....

Haizzzzz wasted....


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Hey, I saw you and Noelle @ Bugis! You long life siah, I was talking to my sis about you (cos my sis was talking abt Hyundai Getz) and then, when I step out of the shop, saw you and Noelle walked past!
hyundai getz the car so small already.. still complain lot small.. no skills lah..
oh so the dessert not nice de...tat time walked pass felt like trying...heng oh.
Hi Poisonlady,
I saw u last nite at devil bar lah.. haha saw u walk up walk down and dance dance dance.. I paisai to say Hi to u haha I m ur blog supporter.. heee nice seeing u..
Next time see her must call her ok! They are very nice people! Apple, I am the girl who saw Noelle and her husband at Suntec. Next time when you come I hope can take picture with you!
Oh man, this is si beh lian stuffs.. haha... but i dig.
Babe, I think I saw Noelle and her frens at AMK Jubilee Bubble Hut.

She is so pretty, I wanted to congrats her on her wedding but mi no guts.

Anyway, I would like to wish her eternal happiness =)
apple u sibeh bo xim... sms u abt assignment den u one day later sms me ask me who i am... ---ur lao hu assistant last yr
Enjoyed a lot!
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