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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Zin Ba....

Lao Niang si zin ba (full) today....

Met up with Max for lunch....

Boss Max treat me for a great meal at Crystal Jade!

Second time I been there and I am really pleased with their service....

Water refill everytime, staff are polite, even check with us whether the food is okay....

I like it...

The only thing I know about Crystal Jade is always full of kids and long queue of families but now I found out it was a great place to have dinner.

Hope it wont disppoint me...

Boss Max!

He sincerly taking order for me (Not Sincere HE DIE!)

Celebrating 1 year our friendship!

Noodle are great!

The dimsums... Stupid Max ordered my food wrongly...

Erm...Beefball but we 2 hate it! Forced down our own throat unwillingly...

Longan Dessert!

Went to my friend's Chicken Rice Stall @ Toa Payoh Blk 206!

Very nice! He also good at entertaining his customer... if u think u are bored, can go there and be entertain by him....

Ok, I go watch 9pm show le!

I sot dio that show lor, damn sweet!

Need to sleep early also...very busy...


P/s: I really do enjoy reading the comments and email. Pls do keep them coming in! One of the mail received, I shall reply thru here! (Do lt me know if I can publish ur email add, k)

Hi Dear,

I do hope u can also find a special someone to spend V day together with u. If u have someone special, V day is not stupid anymore.

Btw, do u always talk like that or is it because of me? I realise alot of people taking my "feng ge", later I no more "feng ge" how?

The Poisonlady

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If you still keeping the lifesytle that you have now. you will definitely cun find a good bf relationship. Young n Naive! Guys just wants you for short period of fuck n fun. From i see, you dun have any really good n wise friend there to advise n guide u. In your later part of your life, u will regret what u have done now n realised who was your real friend.
Please dun damage your life. Dun always think your previous short relationship was the best. Those were honeymoon courtship. A real relationship lasts at least a year or so. Please sit up n think abt how to change the viewpoint of future bf.
i have to say...poisonlady is hot well err....minus the hoon kee.
I second that.

Appleee, the hoon kee really looks awful. Try to cut smoking, ya?
Nigel! u, no ger??! WTF!
this cnt be da nigelF ppl know.
Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP
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