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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just Me!


Alot of photos never update cos I really forgot about it.

I am very excited cos it is Lao Niang's birthday soon!

Still struggling with selling properties but things are getting better as I learn more and more. Thanks for all the encouragement!

Btw who is the one who said I need to do the ear job? Really so bad meh? Wa lan noi, I never thought of doing my ear leh but I now see and see tghe mirror, I getting more particular liao and I think pin back abit will be nicer lor.

Si lang, make me add one more thing to do.

Anyway, enjoy the photos!

That was when I met Miko to do my nails! Lynette not doing much now so I dunno who to look for next time if she really quit. She damn good leh!


Went to catch Kumar's show at Elspanade with Mr Ng! I bought the dress from Miko, nice right!

Went for some foundue at this-dunno-where lomantic place, imagine I got city view and flyer view!

Was doing a flyer job wuth Stella at Raffles Place on Wed-Fri. I think some of you saw me. I think and think but only remember Joanne's name. Paiseh hor.

Cute right!

I feel young lor....

I was celebrating early birthday ar Lunar!

Thanks to Zeta to arrange it! Caught me by surprise! Didnt expect it at all and nearly touched to tears! So love you!

That man in white actually bought me champagne but I really dunno him at all lor.Bought me 3 shots but I really dun dare to drink, make zeta help me down one. That time 21st birthday, drank 1 shot and I lao sai 1 week.

Cheers! I had so much fun!

Thanks to the lovely girls! We had know each other for nearly 2 years I think and from colleagues to very good friends! Thanks Cat for buying me the cake!

Cheers! Happy Happy!

Met Judy who is dancing there, Moulin Rouge theme, I like!

Went for Dim Sum with Mr Ng on our Sat date, I first time wear all white, not bad, right?

Mr Ng tabao the garlic pork ribs and the whole car got the garlic smell.....

Enjoy yourself!!!

I will be taking some time off to spend with Mr Ng!


Its ok le ... I found one unit le ... I tot wanna jio u so that somebody i know can get the commission ...

Got lobang , i jio u again bah ... Anyway, I can access hotmail everyday leh ... =)
Saw you at raffles! You look so petite in reality. way to go babe!
Hi, Apple Beauty,
So when are you going to share with us yr beauty secrets hur? How you keep yr legs & thighs slim slim? How come always eat so much food with Mr Ng but stomach still flat flat every part also so toned and no tummy at all wan? We all wan to know leh, think everyone also wait till neck longer the giraffe wan u know? =P
Stay chio chio always...
You look incredible in that silver dress. Nice one.
To anonymous:

I think you won't wanna know her method ah... not healthy one! haha...
Happy Belated Birthday!! You really looked very cute in that sailor attire :p so glad you remember me hope I did not sound weird that day hehe and ya share with us your secrets to beauty!! :p
Hi, Pinkalicious...
Not healthy but still wana know lah... Know liao wana follow or not different story mah, Aahahhaaa! =D

Hi, Apple Beauty,
Quick say leh... Muz share share with all yr faithful readers here mah. =P
I don't think you need a nose nor a ear job! I think you look great the way you are! =D

P.S. I'm the blur sotong who emailed you saying I want to send you something.. Then ended up forgetting my own email pw...
hi, saw u at vivo the other day=) u look prettier in real!
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