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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Property A Hot Topic?

Wow.....long time lao niang never get so much comments until i tot my blog dead, u know...

Thanks for the encouragement!

I know the money is not easy to earn when i join this trade...

I hope more people can be educated on how the service line works and I really hope Singapore can work towards to provide a better service industry.

I think recent stock market had cause fear in alot of people and the property market had been awfully quiet and slow but I think it was rather good for me while I slowly pick up how to go about doing a better job.

Just went to Guan Yin Ma Temple @ Bugis there to pai pai.....

Got a "lot" No.54 asking about my career....

One awake from a dream about money one presume one can own a mountain but one already have a spade in hand. If you consult about marriage or sickness best to revert to new means or change partners. Interpretation: BAD Reflections on water tends to distort. look properly before one makes decision. Be very

Lucky I never ask about my lovelife sial!

Then Mr Ng how????!!

Anyway, I told myself to be very careful on making any decision for my work and my clients. I also not sure what is really means cos I too shy to ask anyone.

Let u see our house cat! Veggie Lim!

Very versatile, can change image to a rabbit!

Went out for lunch today! Have a change? I need a haircut man, havent cut for 2 years I think.

At Central, a western jap restaurant.

I got nice view from my window seat!

Thanks for the lovely lunch! I been home most of the time doing my work and I am almost turning into an ah gong liao.....

Need to go out walk walk more!


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glad that ur spirits are picking up..Just hand in there and you will soon be rewarded.. Property is nvr easy esp in spore,where competition is so fierce.

But just a qn, didn't u sign an exclusive agreement with that lady beforehand so as to prevent other agents from gettg to her?

Lastly, no dwell too much into the divination lot u got. Cos' 天下无难事,只怕有心人。。Gambatte ne!!!
nemesis, exclusive is only meant for sale of property. buyers don't sign exclusive for buyer agents.
Dearie, to be in this line, you have to be more cunning,think quick and be able to convince your clients to some extend. When what you say make sense to them, it will be easier to control them and somehow sway their decision making to your favour.... What happened to you happens to every agent out there. Remember I sent an email to you to call me for bank valuations? Well, non of my customers are loyal to any agents. There is no loyalty to agents from customers. Therefore..... take it easy LA... so just shove it off.. cos its gonna happen many more times... lol.
nice pussy u have there.
eh woman. link me up la. natasha
Apple..whats the name of the restaurent ? looks like a nice place to have dinner with that special someone. Mind giving the address ?
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Hello, this is Samantha here~ I have been reading your blog. Love reading your blog. Ur blog is real and funny :p Just to add, i saw u today at Far East Plaza. I was at long john silver while u and Mr Ng walk past. You look even more preety in real life. love your tall,slim figure and u got nice hair and skin. Envy~
hey! nice seeing u at FEP.
I'm in the marketing line, same as you, I've just started out and have not closed any deals yet.
I believe that with the gaining experience day by day, you can successfully close your deal!
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your blog is an enjoyable read, very honest and funny :))) you are a hot babe too! pretty face good figure :)
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