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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Me Me Me!

Did an outdoor shoot on sun to earn some pocket money...

Very siong to pay for my property wor...

Havent manage to close any deal yet but I am learning more and more things!

Thanks to many many people for the support including my family...

Mummy promise to feel me lunch....

My second sister offered pay for our facial cleanser first me....

Mr Ng feed me weekend food...


Friends like Nerissa pay for my coffee at cafe sometimes when I suggest kopitiam...

Thanks to them for being so understanding....though i am not that broke but I will work hard and earn my money and pay off the favour that I received.

Me! The photographers did a great job!

The first time I earn some money from my blog..... Thanks to nuffnang!

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Enjoy reading your posts.

nice shots of you.really very artistically done..

Hope you get to receive your first paycheck from both Nuffnang and your property biz soon.. (",)
how did u set ur internet explorer toolbar pink?
Nice shots!

I offer to buy lah... not pay first... haiyo... but i no time to buy... Can i pay then you buy?
Babe, add me. Solitarydusk.blogspot.com
hi! Blog hopped into your blog. Your pictures were very nicely done but then you're very pretty that's why they turn out so well.... :) I linked u in my blog! :)
apple, were u the one who advertised the many units of seaview units?
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