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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Megaforce Team!

Wa biang eh....

Finally I figure out how to upload my photos...

Cheem Cheem Leh...

You all dun think I ah gong ah gong like everything also dunno hor, my IT skills better than Mr Ng oki.

Anyway, I been wanting to blog this long long liao...

Last Mon our big big big boss invited us to go chalet for BBQ.

He said to reward our hard work....

I only go there to talk and eat and play only cos I not yet contribute anything to the society and my pocket.

It was great meeting all the fellow colleagues! We had so much fun laughing and playing games.

Oh, thanks to everyone who contacted me via email or phonecall. I really ask alot of questions hor but thanks for helping me out. I really very blur about this industries but I wont let u down de.

We had some bowling competition!

We were there quite early wor..... But all fighting for their life like that...

That's my manager on my left. Doing great wor!

We proceed back to the chalet and started to form teams of 5. Everyone was very sporting!

We need to line up things that we have/carry/posess and see which team form the longest line. My team won!

Then got blindfold games! Very scary sial but very fun!

I had a great time and we even had discuss how we can build up our district and be a strong team.


I am so proud to be in Megaforce!


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Your manager name is Richard right? He help me with my flat too, not sure if you know who is EK, he was assisting EK with processing of my flat running here and there to and fro HDB.

Oh ya i like your blog btw.
Oops just realise you mean the woman on ur left......duh, silly me, i mean the man on the extreme left.
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