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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Girls!

For the below job, it is still open.

Pls email me ur photo and if possible what u work before.

I will be there for a while so will guide u through.

Job is simple, just to mingle, create the beer awareness and have fun.

Met up with the girls last night for dinner and coffee at Turquiose Room. It was a quiet place and I like it alot. Lucky it was not crowded as we make alot of noises....

Laugh like nobody business and then hor we sit until it close lor....

But dont think can go there cos their server kept restricting us to smoke even though everyone had left. (Last time I was allowed to smoke de, by one nice lady who seems to left the place)

Newly cut hair Zeta and Long never appear Jolin.

Awaited Nerissa and Me!

My friend is selling this small tiny simple mobile phone in blue and pink. MR NG, Can buy for me? Only $150. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (Jo pls order one for me ok)

The four of us......

Love u girls!

We wanted to make an arrangement to meet up again every month but I think quite difficult. The last time was about April 2006. So long lor......

Now everyone is busy with their own things and it is quite difficut to meet up.

Hope the next meeting in Jul, ya.

Need to arrange meeting with Mei Chuan and Joey liao or they sure kill me.

They got read my blog one lor.



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i love Nerissa!!
heyy! lao po! of course i remember you! you are looking better than ever! love your hair haha :)
i love Zeta!!
OMG! poisonlady, i was reading ur past posts, when i found this, http://verypoisonouslady.blogspot.com/2005/12/wabui-liao.html

i think there will be good news soon... some more now u and Mr Ng seem so loving teeheehee.. =)

By the way, is it possible to share the contact or the exact location of the fortune teller?

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