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Monday, June 04, 2007

I found job le...


Gam sia to the people who emailed to me!

My friend had ask me to help out at his company for a while first so I am not consider jobless lar...

I cannot be driving now because I cannot afford liao...

So I guess is back to taking MRT liao....

I think it's been quite a while I havent take train in the morning...

Sibei Kong Bu I tell u.....

It suddenly runs back to me why I insisted on getting a car in the first place.


Blur I am....

I happily forget to bring out my ezlink card (i got hor just very very buang already)

Went to wait for the train, now the train very fast come de hor.

Immediately I go up, got train liao.

So many people standing by the door, i suddenly feel like I am in the rugby team

Minus the uniform but u imagine the expressions they carried.

I wanted to go in but no one went in sial....

Wa lao, make me so worried.

I check and check

Ya leh, the train going marina bay leh but no one move an inch.

Lao Niang also stoned there lor.

The next train came by with 2 mins.


No wonder.....


U look at their expression again hor, u suddenly feel like u are in a life or death rugby game.

All prepare to cheong one.

I also prepare my "get-set-ready-go mood" liao.

Wah, the door open machiam like dunno what like that.

Everyone rush in like nobody business (me also lar, how can lose meh)

Then all sit down liao and quickly pretend to act normal and do their stuffs like all that "exercises" never happen.

What a true singapore experience!

True singaporean as well

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It's sometime quite fun looking at people's gesture at MRT station or inside the MRT. Quite an experience for me!
Babe, I'm ur hard core blog reader. Cheers, U can turn a daily life incident into something interesting. Keep blogging! Dont disappoint ur fans!
Rent out your car for the meantimes until you get a fixed job again? So that it won't just sit in the carpark while you take MRT? =)

And yes, that is a scary experience at MRT!
Your blog entries are interesting... heehee... keep it up... (Ber)
u should considered yourself lucky... people squeeze in the train everyday.. so don';t complain so much lah.. stupid
juz bcoz u drove for a year or two, doesn't means tt u're up there. if you can afford to drive, then don't take the public transport. and i thought the getz was cheap
si beh hao lien. u thought Getz is cheap? u wan to show off that u can afford it easily? the type i hate the most is ppl like u. hah. xin li pien tai
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