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Sunday, May 06, 2007


U know how to cure heart pain?

I think the pain is so unbearable that nothing can replace it........

Have u got the remedy?

Time to go for piercing again.......

This time..... i am going to pierce my belly.......

That's me!

Change my hair parting.....better?

While driving....gan gan take photos....

I do like this photo but damn act innocent....

My lips have like machiam boh.....

Tongue stud change to gold colour one!


I received something when I got home just now. I was nearly touched to tears.......

Buying present is really not about how much it is worth but how much u know that person....

and it does not mean that u have to have an occasion to buy something, if u see something that u think that the people around u would have love it.

Do get it and send ur love and thoughts. It means more than any other occasions.

This very great person got me this when I only mention to him once that I love things about egypt and he actually got it for me.

This is the first gift (concern egypt) that i ever receive in my whole life.

Made from real tree bark and the painting are really nicely drawn. And it came so unexpectedly that I why i was nearly in tears


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U do look like 33
zzzzz. she looks grt and she dun look like 33 at all le....

The painting looks gd..... u r one lucky girl :)
no she does not look 33 but she can sure kick your ass.

she's one gorgeous, independent and happily attached lady so don't pick on her.

very pretty neh....(^_^)

Hey babe i wanna pierce my belly button too. I love the bling bling belly button rings. They say it doesnt hurt, hurts less than piercing ears.

Better do it now, while im still young! Heh. U want to go, I go with u k! :D
is your eyebrow tattooed? or drawn? where did you did it?
Saloon #1 - Amy
aiyo wheres saloon #1? tattoe one isit. how much are they charging?
most likely she sure looks 43


sucks big time
#1 at Bishan Inter there... must call make appt.. very famous for doing eyebrow tattoo..
still looking haggard..yes..looking older than your real age..maybe less make up will make you look younger!!

too much paint liao lah..
Thought I saw you at Tiong Bahru Plaza... Long John's?
not pain enough. try piercing nipples!
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