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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Langs Langs Langs......

It is sunday liao hor...

damn sian right....

I am still busy....(as always)

Recently i been sorting out my life...

I had heard from someone that life is short and u do not know the period of ur lifespan....

I been thinking about what i need to do and what I have not do....

I need to know what I can make my life to the fullest so I need alot of planning.

Especially for my future.

I am going for my 2nd blood donation soon and I cant wait!

Wanna go?

Fri Night! driving down to work.

Sial I damn chio! hahahaha (still need to do my nose)

Doing Jim Beam again. Long time no do!

At Clinic! I had alot of fun!

I finally made it down to my reader's cafe after soooooo long on sat!

It's at Changi Village. (I think blk 5?)

Not nice I wont post hor. (i only do free advertisment if I am song)

I love my steak!!! Damn juicy!
My date got himself the sausages.......Damn big and juicy....
I love potatos! This is potatos rolled prawns! Not too bad
I been craving about strawberry shortcake...

Met the boss!Too bad I cant meet u in person.......Ur husband said U will be trilled to see me. Thanks for the support!
I went to my first concert.......
I never know.....really....got so mani mani people sial
Is "Yu Ke Li Lin" leh.....
Tickets were $100 each (Not I pay of course) but seats were lousy.

So many damn heads blocking me never mind, lao niang watch the big big projector also kena blocked......
Still blocked but the singing were great!
I give up using my eyes......
Now not the trend to using the glowing sticks is it? All use hps....but kan chio!
All so high sial.......I dunno who come I will be sooooo high also....

Who got their song? Can email to me?
I particularly like the "Li Ren"...got or not got or not?
Mai Niao....share share lar.


Hey Apple, thks very much! Me & my hubby enjoy yr blog very much but unfortunately I never got to c ya! BUT, when d pub opens (next door), I'll invite u, Mr Ng & yr kakis (Noelle)for a drink!!! Stay happy & CHIO!!!!BTW, my shop is in Blk 1 not Blk 5.............
the fact that you have been regularly donating blood shows that you got HEART. *Thumbs up* for you.
wah the picture of your side view, show the neh quite big!
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