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Saturday, February 24, 2007

2 people....

I always feel that when 2 people meet is not easy..... to be friends also not easy......to be together lagi difficult.....

But life changes when suddenly u have to think of the other person......

Whatever u do, whatever u decided.....it revolve around another person...

It takes alot of patient, trust, love, time to be able to get into that commitment......

I often ask myself what is love.......

I am still confuse sometimes.....

I need to keep myself occupied, I cannot stand being lonely, I need alot of attention....

But.....then again....which woman doesnt?

I wonder whether what to do when u met someone who is busy?

To keep quiet and waiting patiently for him to find time to keep u company?


To be busy and compete who got time to keep each other company?

I used to tried both methods before and I got irritated with myself, i think this is not anyone's fault but the society fault....

So once again...


p/s: I know my left panel still says I am 23+++ and I will remain that age.... I dun care i dun care


I tried both methods too... and it failed...cause in the end what I have is just emptiness...
Apple ... You got mail =)

You dint reply the 1st ... I sent a 2nd one *sigh*
how can someone be sooooo busy until no time for their partners... lunch time le... time when traveling to work, toilet time, dinner time, smoking time, i mean if he or she is human, definitely got time. Just that maybe you are not his priority, then u must ask him where he places you.
cool!!!! i like it!
Busy is simply no excuse if u really like someone, u might be surprise u can even put aside yr very important work/appointments for meeting up with him/her though not always :) Work is never ending so can wait, but potential someone when u missed it, it might not come round again. If u really like him, pursue :) but appropriately.. .but if busy is always his given reason, then forget it.
I often visit your blog. i find that how can a young lady be that ambitious and also happy at the same time with your gang of pretty buddies ah. I got a bf too, who is very busy. We see once then he travel for 7-10days. Each travel never call or contact me at all. I also wonder how he can tahan it, He always say busy. Anyway i am trying to get use to it. I am learning to get used to it too. When he is busy, i stay at home. I had no friends to talk or go out with too. I mug myself into work whereby i find the only satisfaction. I hope you can find your happiness soon. Good luck and happy new yr. each person have different way of handling things and when you really meet the one u think is for you, that time i believe you will unknowingly give up eeverything for him or her too. This is my personal feel . . . :}
We men needs love every few days when our 'Tangki' is full our Kukujiao will remind us to get close to our lady in waiting. So busy is just an excuse to be with someone else, read the meaning behind.
I understand how u feel cos my the other half is like that too..
hi Poisonlady,

new reader to your blog. very funny. i like the way you use certain words. shall visit more often. keep it up!

you are dating an investment banker.. or banker.. what do you expect of bankers?
Personal opinion :

Well ... being single or being attached ... sometimes you need time to tell you which is more suitable for you.

For starters, I am single and being single ... I like to eat what, I eat ... I like to watch what movie, I watch ... I like to go where, I go ... I like to do what, I just do ... I don't have to answer to anybody ... I don't need to "report strength".

However, its kinda weird when people have somebody and you have nobody. You have something important that you wanna tell somebody yet you have nobody. You have extra cash to buy somebody something but you have nobody. Oh yes, and I spent v.day with friends instead ... So? Big deal. Duhz.

Well, my ex-es loves to keep tabs on me. I don't have late nights. I would be sleeping at home after work. Why the need to keep tabs? Why the need to "report strength"?

I am really very tired. Being attached is just F.O.S. Singles Rockz.

Apple, maybe you should just remain single and see how it goes.

Best Regards,
hehe.. ur MR.NG ot free to accompany u??
hey you should start posting something... and change my link on ur blog for goodness sake... its been wrong for years... hahahaha

i keep bumping into ur mr ng... everywhere i go... haha... btw i also mr ng leh...

anyway... take care! i've always been reading
Hey Apple..

As a lady point of view .. Usually if the guy says too busy with work .. That means can understand he's trying to avoid u, or keep it toned down...

Seriously speaking, busy is not an excuse. He should even have the time to text to u during his PEE breaks, or smoking breaks etc.

Be prepared for the worst. I went thru b4 :(
I tried the "wait patiently until he has time for me" method and end up even more hurt when he spent time with his guy friends instead of me during his free Sat night. *shrug*
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