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Monday, February 05, 2007

The HK photos!

(What is happening to my photos???)

Yo Yo,

I actually was in a fucking fucking bad mood just now cos I got a bloody wheel clamp.

I was fucking pissed!

I park at Temasek Tower at 12.40pm at a red lot (i know is my bloody fault), intend to meet my client nearby but I went for lunch first.

I was in quite a rush so I just anyhow park first, since I will only take about 1 hour or so. There are alot of red lots nearby lar so I though should be okay since Shenton Way carpark damn expensive.

Scally, after lunch, (I still happily go top-up my cash card hor) at about 1 and half hour later, 2.15pm, limpeh saw a white letter on my windscreen and I know....


I know is my bloody fault so I "lan lan xiao xiao" find the management office after taking 3 wrong lifts and got into the office.

I just pass the stupid letter to a balding uncle without saying anything. Seriously, at that moment, I already got to that I-dun-care-just-pay-dun-argue stage liao.

This stupid uncle hor, he said: "eh u park at red lot hor"

I said:" Ya only a short while"

Stupid Uncle said: "Is not short while lor AND U PARK AT RED LOT"

I said: Is only short while lor....aiya, are u trying to delay my time?

Then this stupid balding irritating uncle brought me downstair then he said I need to pay $100 to unclamp BECAUSE I PARK AT RED LOT.

Why he just dont tell me earlier I dunno and I get abit angry liao and I said I got no cash. He ask me to go and withdraw at downstair MRT there which is bloody far for me.

I was angry and said it is very far, he said no choice BECAUSE I PARK AT RED LOT.

When I finally got there with $100 hor, he said is $105!!

KNN, still got GST never say earlier and lucky I got my last $5 in my wallet or I still got to walk to the ATM to withdraw.

**almost can imagine if I go back withdraw a $10, he sure say got no change and if I argue, he will say BECAUSE I PARK AT RED LOT.

Kena pay money never mind, I dun understand why suddenly got like 3 security guards and 2 other management staff gathering behind me when I was paying the fine.


I kena wheel clamp only, no need to see me like I killed somebody there lor.

Anyway, i complained to alot of people liao, now to show u photos of HK!

I went to HK because of company lar, though is to have fun but lao niang still got to pay half hor.

Now I so poor hor, still ask me pay never mind, tickets book liao then say must pay.

Singapore Airport at 5am in the morning on Fri. Imagine how early I wake up.

Me.....Damn tired...never sleep lor...In fact, whole company also never sleep cos all paranoid will miss flight.

Hong Kong finally!!!!!!! My first time there.... =( only know how to go Bangkok....

Waiting for my baggag(How to spell lagaggue? Laggauge? Lauggage?)

Want to stylo-milo wear boots but they ask me to take off my boots because they scare i bring bomb...i think

HK Airport!!! nearly die....walk very very far....

The moment we check in hotel, we zitao shop liao......

The train very convenient!

10 of us were so hungry that we ordered almost everything.....

We really cannot finish lor......

My colleague tried to take a photo for me but damn zhun zhun lor.....

That's better! HK street!!

Mahjong very official there, I think 1 of my friend will love it wor....

Went to this famous dessert shop and I love it!

I am having carving for this, DARLING, I WANT TO EAT!!!

Can stylo milo liao! Finally can wear boots without people look at me like I am siao....

Too cold there....i nearly turn purple....

Boss treated us to seafood, damn nice, and I heard is expensive. We got a big plate of lobster hor.

Went to Lan Kwai Fong to take a walk, my colleague not cheongster like me so in the end, we climb up slope and down slope but no alcohol.

In the middle of Lan Kwai Fong, this is this signboard which read "Zhong Guo Song", I cannot resist.

Went to Disneyland the next day and I started to wear more and more!

It was lovely and it brought out the child inner side of everyone.

Since everyone was busy taking photo, I ask my very free colleague to help me do this pose. i like!

Another free colleague who was forced by me but he damn sporting! I like!

Went to a nice cafe inside for breakfast!

Lovely but expensive hor. Like that is $10 sing dollars hor!


I am holding the rocket.................hahaha

Started to play with everything i could find....My colleagues decided to call me the cosplayer..

We went to take a roller-coaster ride, insisted by me but I nearly puke lor, i feel so giddy.

It was lovely with all the stars though, not scary but damn circley.

Went to play this kiddy game with "Toystory theme". I never watch the show though....

Imagine 10 of us shooting.......

I made a wish.......but cannot tell u....

So many things for me to play...I Like!

Went for 3-D magical show! IT IS REALLY VERY NICE!!!!!!!!

Abit boring though....went to Tarzan Island......I didnt even know the story hor....

This one also very expensive hor.......I spend alot of money eating but I never buy anything....

Everyone gathered for the parade. It was short and sweet!

Wish I can bring the balloons home though....so cute!

The parade started!

Saw this diamante castle, but fucking expensive lor! I dun think is real diamond lor. Kill People Set fire....

My crazy colleague, he bought alot alot alot of things lor.....A guy leh....A GUY LEH!!

Gather at 8pm again to watch the fireworks! It was sweet!

I tried not to fall in love with things that are short and canot be find easily, if I want it, how? My bf die lor....

It is nice but i dun think I will be going back again.

HK just ban smoking on 1st Jan 2007 EVERYWHERE.

I hope that someone will bring me somewhere nice.


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I went to hongkong last year oct.

I love the mango desserts!!!
if i remembered correctly, its called "hui lau shan" right?
and they got alot of outlets too!!!
Hi, like to check which hotel u all check in? I'm going to HK too. Still thinking which hotel to book. any recommendations? best is near central can do shopping. tks.

Waah! HKG lah! Fun food!

At Changi at 0500 to catch HK flight? You fly United?

Where did you all stay? Looks like guesthouse I usually stay at in Causeway Bay...
Oh yeah, it's "luggage".
My chao Ah lian please post the pic of balding stupid uncle you mentioned....I will KNN Chao Ji Bai go and hantum him for you.
Mr kukujiao,

I been so du lan, i no time take his photo lor...

Hong Kong is nice....hope i could go there this year....You look pretty!
mango desserts rocks!

of coz.. the dim sum and shopping is worth the flight too... hee~~
Its craving, not carving ... LOL =D

Baggage & luggage not what luaggage ... Bthz ... LOL =)
the mango dessert a few places in singapore also can find... but only 2 of them can make it.
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Hi, just want to check with you, which customs told you to take off your boots? Sg or HK? cos I'm thinking of wearing mine to China, scared they really tell me to take off in Sg..would be so paisei.. Thanks!
in SG they will ask u to take off.. i kena when i fiew to biejing..its really paisay..n u have to put ur boots into the basket n surrender to them.. for a moment i felt like a jailbird

So degrading lor...

I walk around with my socks then i so paiseh....

Lucky my socks no hole lor
hey! i think there is something wrong with your entry! the photos and captions don't go together leh. is it just me or anyone else has the same problem? and some of the photos ont top of another leh! cannot see! haha.

should go to the 1 in Jap, u will enjoy a 1000x more than in HK.. not onli boots, sport shoes will be asked to remove too.. not in sg but in other overseas stations..
Geez.. thank you all for that important piece of infor :p to Anonymous, I'm flying to Beijing too haiz cannot nice nice liao..
cant c ur pic
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