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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Alot of photos.......

Alot alot of photos.....

I got not much time to blog because now is very very the late le.....

Pls check out!

Met up a group of Mr Ng's friends on Christmas Eve.......

At beach Hut.....

Pretty quiet but very cooling.....

Hmmm...whose the cake for?

Is Mr Ng's birthday......

He is happy.


The present from his nice friends!

A cocktail from the house....

Went down to Q Bar to look for the lovely ladies!


Decided to try something different to entertain u.



Me with the girls!

Mr Ng with Ju!

This 2 retake again and again.....

2 "Thomases"......

Act cute... -_-

Me with Ju!

Retake and Retake again.....

The girls with Mark!

Lovely! I had so much fun!


Santarina again!

At Chimes on Mon night!

Just met Pam!


Stella & Ashley!

Zeta & Stella!

We were at Hooters! Not for the boobs, for the food....

Candid shot!

All so busy sial.....


The poor lady use like 7 cameras and 3 Hps to help us take pictures....


We headed down to "C Clinic"? This poor guy tekan by us....

We kept asking for green tea....

But we had fun!

I am so tired.....

Girls Power!

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Hi Apple,
Faithful reader here reporting in since 2004!
Can I know where you bought the black bustier top in the photo "Me and the girls"? It's so nice!

hmm can i fuck u and yr friends... and make yr pathetic life miserable? pls pls pls...
hi apple! lurve ur black corset top...where u buy from huh and how much? can share? thanks!
always see your Mr Ng with pretty girls around
stop making people's lives miserable. stop being so demanding, just because you are some lousy part time model doesnt make you royalty.
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