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Friday, December 22, 2006

I love my friends!

Hi People!

It is the merry season of christmas! I am sooooo happy!

Merry Christmas to u first before I cannot blog on that day cos I am busy meeting my beloved friends! Enjoying parties and exchanging presents!

I miss the bitches, where are they?

Anyways......is photo time again, I am such a lazy pig.....i dun wanna write....

On wed, after my show, I had a great dinner at Crystal Jade with a bunch of male species!

Mr Ng!

That's Zet, Jerome and Wilbert, they are all single and nice and funny and great people, if u are interested, I can arrange a blind date...hehe

Zet decided to take a picture of us but the main people in the pic was not us it turn outs....Nah bey...

The food.....

Not enough for the hungry guys though......oh ya, they are tall btw

Opps, sorry for the toilet picture after showing u food, just trying to let u know where we were standing last night at Thumper...

We were standing directly opp the male toilet....

3 really lonely people went thumper to drink....Vincent, me and Ju!

Me! I am so happy to go out to cheong! Though is not Devils but the people around me is enough!

Best friends for 12 years......Who say no platonic r/s? This fellow was drag out to drink by mw because I was er....rebellious?...that's what he said

Ju! Am glad to have meet her up! Thanks for the lovely christmas present! I love it loads! Marilyn and Kelly! Ur pressie is with her oki, I hope u like urs too =)

This is not Zeta..... Is Melissa..... Zeta younger sis, looks like her hor? Butshe dun like people said she look like Zeta...hehe Thanks for letting us borrow a part of ur table!

Well? I think is the name.... Ju's friend and the one on her right? I forgot his name....Paiseh....

Well Well Well......Can i add a wishing in front and pop a coin into his mouth and make a wish? I know is lame....i am lame alright....

I love u! Sorry for leaving early....i am dying...hope u had fun!

Met Edmund last night too.....Was ages since we last dance together.....No wonder devils is so quiet now....

Me, had loads of fun and went home red.....

I must say again....



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Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Apple!
Hi babe, Merry Christmas! I love your lashes! I remember reading somewhere that you are using fake lashes. Where did you get the one you are using in this post?

I just did my eyelash extension =) merry christmas!
Thanks! Care to share where you get the extension done and what's the demage?

Hey Merry Christmas APPLE darling! Sorry your darling Noelle cannot accompany you for this year's christmas, but since you are so popular I bet you already have dates with many many people! Hope you have fun and wiat for me to come back ok! Love your lashes.. bet you can't tell that I did mine right?
gosh u r ugly!
Merry Xmas!

Tall? Hmm... I LIKE tall guys.... hehehhe
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