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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to Stella!

Before anything else, I am going to Dempsey later!

Happy Birthday to Stella!!!

Yesterday was doing a studio shoot....

Woke up at 6am and I damn tired. The photos are cool and I cant wait to show all of u!

Just a preview!

Know what I am dressing up as??

Sailor is one of it!

Trying to Pose nicely....

Was doing a rugby event....

The 4 siao char bohs....

We surprised the birthday girl in a toilet.... it was not any other toilet, at least Novetel Hotel toilet hor!

We went to Shin 8 to continue Stella's birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday!

4 of us again! We were crazy....

Gavin was busy serving the 4 of us...

we were like pig and eat and eat...

*Singing*Happy Birthday to u! (for the 2nd time)

Muakzzz! Sorry I left early...

Karen Tok!

Hope u all like this post! Will upload photo soon!


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I'm sorry to say this but ur friend karen really looks ultra weird... Can't believe she's a 'model'.
wow ur figure is so sexy. :)
Hahha.. One look I know its which studio.. Who is the photographer??
hello. the dress that you wore was nice! the pic where the captions stated (4 siao cha bor). where u bought it?
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